Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It Just Keeps Getting Better.........

Ok, call me crazy, (CRAZY) but I did it again...........Erica and I went to see our Boston boys in concert again on Monday night. One time was NOT enough, the bug was back. We managed to get awesome seats, HOLY SCHMOLY! (thank you unknown Mike from Craigslist....I'm so grateful your girlfriend had to travel for work). We were on the floor, 25 rows back from the stage but also very close to the rotating stage in the back. Add to that the fact that were were 5 people from the aisle that they walk down!!!!!!! to get back up to stage and we were happy Block fans!!! I convinced Todd that we need to invest in a new camera after this concert as it acted possessed and crazy and royally ticked me off. It's only 5 years old but it's like 20 years in the digital world right??
Anyway I did get some decent pics and awesome video so I'm a happy girl.

These aren't in any special order, I just didn't feel like messing with that.

The girl on the piano is their choreographer and she dances in the concert. She's got some moves!


Holy crap, there's Donnie in the red hat. Wait, I can almost touch him. Crap, I fell off of my chair.

Jordan and Joe! Oh my God!!!! I love you!!
(yes, we were insane, it was just all wrong) The girl next to Erica took off her boots and climbed over and touched them all. I was too busy taking pictures and trying to maintain my balance on a folding chair. After they went by, Erica fell and got her legs stuck in the back of her chair. It was too funny. I fell and was caught twice, once by the girl in front of me and once by the girl in back of me. Thanks girls, us Block fans stick together!
There they are!

Sigh, need I say words?

They just ooze sexiness, and those voices...... I was a puddle of goo.
Goodbye my Boston boys. Please come around again. You have a ton of crazy for you fans that will come!!
You gotta watch this video, it's worth it. Look how close we got! (you'll need to turn off my music on the side to hear the video. The sound isn't great but the song is awesome and you have to hear Erica's whoo-hoo's!)



Aiden climbed into my lap this morning and was giving me an awesome cuddly hug. The best part was when he said "Mom, I just want to stay here forever." He may be an onry fart some days, but things like that more than make up for it!


Go check Dianna's blog, she has Part 2 of our Chicago trip up and she has some awesome pictures. We still talk about that weekend. I agree with Dianna, it goes in my Top 10 list of most awesome fun times! I need my girls......they keep me sane and I don't know what I'd do without them. My family is my first priority, but my girlfriends are a very close second. I love you guys!


My bloggy bud Amy is having giveaways this week on her blog. (I won a Unity stamp on Monday ---YAY!!) Go check it out and give her some bloggy love. She is so talented, beautiful and is a hoot, love her!

My Thankfuls From Yesterday (it's too early for todays)

1. I got to sleep in after getting to bed at 3:45am the night before (we drove home after the concert) I'm too old for those late nights.

2. Todd was off work for Veteran's Day but the two older boys still had school so it was nice. :)

3. I made amazing homemade chicken noodle soup for supper.

4. Drew asked me to cuddle him at bedtime. He was scared of having the same nightmare he had the night before. I gladly took him up on his offer.

5. Talked to my cousin Jessi on the phone about the concert. She went last night and said it was the best concert ever. She emailed me this morning and said they even got seat upgrades and a wave from Jordan. So jealous girl.

If you made it all the way to the end of my post, Happy Wednesday!!


Kat said...

You were in the 25th row???? That is awesome! I am jealous. Now I want to go. I was a huge fan back in the day (I even went to Boston with my girlfriend and went to Joe and Donnie's house and MET Joe's dad!) but when I first heard they were going on tour again I was weirded out. It seemed odd. But they have definitely gotten better looking and I like a lot of their songs.
Mmmmm. Yummy. ;)

Dianna said...

Good Lordy woman...you are killing me slowly....*sigh*

How stinking fun*!*

Jessi said...

Amazing....I don't have the words...I. Love. Them. All.

Every time the crowd got silent last night, I would scream I love you to one of them. Apparently on the way home I announced that I was an I love you slut. :) It's fitting for the New Kids.

Beth said...

Looks like another fun night away!

ThriftyDecorChick said...

WHY do you continue to do this to me???????????????????? AHHH! And I could have met you there -- only FOUR short hours from us!!! I would have never thought to drive out there. I hate you, I do. Not really. Kinda.

Kellan said...

You guys look like you had the greatest trip! I was over at Diana's blog earlier and saw her great pictures too - how fun!!! Glad you had such a good trip and got to go to the concernt again - lucky you!

Take care - Kellan

Amy said...

Love all the photos..I can't believe you went to see them again!! and had great seats!! Thanks for the love your so sweet!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Once a fan always a fan! ;)
How lucky you are girl!
Great pics and great video!

4funboys said...

good times... loud!