Friday, November 14, 2008

Sometimes Ya Gotta Tell A White Lie

This is one of those stories that's funny but it's not.

On Wednesday, Drew had done something mean to Noah, I don't even know what it was. Well, Aiden was mad about that so he tackled Drew to the floor and clawed at his cheeks. Poor Drew had awful scratches on his face and it really stung. Needless to say Aiden was in time out for a verrrry long time and had a good talking to. I jokingly said that when people ask him about his face the next day that it will be embarrassing to say that his 3 year old brother beat him up. (I was also feeling guilty because I had meant to trim Aiden's nails that morning and didn't get around to it. They are trimmed now though!)

Last night at supper, Todd asked Drew if anyone commented on his face and he said yes. I asked him what he told them. Drew got a big ole grin on his face and said "I told them my cat did it!"
(For the record, our cat does NOT have any claws.....but I guess Drew's friends don't know that!)

Today I'm thankful for:
1. Today is Payday!
2. A busy fun filled weekend ahead.
3. David Cook's CD comes out on Tuesday.
4. The movie Twilight comes out next week!
5.Aiden told me...."You the best mom I ever seen!"


Kat said...

Oh sassy boys! My boys do stuff like that all the time too. I don't even know what it will be like when they are all teenagers. HELP ME!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Boys!My (almost)3 year old sometimes beats his older brothers too!LOL!
Once Eric hit Wilson in the nose with his head!....Poor Wilson!...For a moment I thought it was broken once it was so swelled and purple!...
Drew handled the situation quite well! ;)He's a smart boy!

Anonymous said...

no seriously. I have NO IDEA what my world is going to be like when my boys gain 100 pounds, and start driving cars.

what level will the mischief get to?!?!?

good lord.

Beth said...

That story is hilarious. Drew obviously didn't want anyone to know his little bro "beat him up" :)

And I'm sooooo excited for Twilight that I feel like a complete dork! Do you want to go at midnight with us?

lacy said...

amen to payday! We have to wait one more week! boooo!
I feel ya on the snapfish album... I abandoned mine and am actually creating the same one in shutterfly now. Go figure. Their program is just so much more intuitive in my mind. happy weekend (and I am sure you ARE the best mom ever!)

Kellan said...

Yes - sometimes a little white lie comes in handy!

Have a godo weekend - Kellan

OHmommy said...

Oh those boys...

Imagine what they will be up to in 5 years. LOL. ;)

Jill Scott said...

Drew is a quick learner, isn't he?

Dianna said...

Hey, I've met him....that cat can be pretty vicious.

Yippee David Cook :)

Weber said...

Those cats are rotten I'm finding out....I'd believe his story even if I KNEW the cat was declawed. :)
Our little kitty is getting spayed today and I'm worrying about that little trouble maker...darn her!
Zac has, on occasion, beaten up his big brothers too...actually I think he is right now, better go break that up! Hope Drew's face is all better soon.

4funboys said...



Sandra Carvalho said...

Hey sweetie!Just passing to say thank you so much for you words.It means a lot to me.
He's feeling much better now, but still I've got to take him to a cardiologist to make sure that everything is really ok.
Love ya.