Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Santa Debate

In a very serious voice, Drew asked me if I believe in Santa. Uh oh, here comes 'the talk'. I've been expecting it.

"Of course I do" I replied. "Why do you ask?" (I always love opening a can of worms)

"Lots of reasons" Drew said. "Like how can one guy go to every house in the world in one night??"

"Well he just gives gifts to good boys and girls" I said.

Drew reminded me that he gives coal to the bad ones. My quick thinking Drew.

We went back and forth for awhile when he gave me the clincher. What do I say to this??

"How come all of the gifts we get say 'Made in China'?" Drew asks. (it took all I had not to laugh at this)

"Ummm, maybe Santa has a workshop there too??" Drew then gives me "the look" and says "Mom!" "Maybe he buys some of the gifts because his elves can't make them all??" I say. Not sure if he bought that. I've got nothing.

I'm left wondering what conclusions he's drawn now.


Beth said...

Uh oh. Doesn't sound like long before he figures it out now. He believed longer than I thought he would with how smart he is. Where'd the time go, huh????

Dianna said...

Such a tough call. You don't want their friends to tease them BUT you want to keep that childhood wonder alive too. I am not looking forward to the day...

Jill Scott said...

That's a tough one. I'm really not looking forward to that magic being lost. I remember as a kid, scanning the skies for Santa and his reindeer and listening so intently for jingle bells.

Aunt Cindy said...

Santa is NOT a "guy". He is the MAGIC of Christmas. I LOVE Santa.

I'm sorry that Drew is losing the wonder of it all....I hope you don't lose them all at once like I did. Believe it or not, Eric was the first for us....So Joe told the other two....I still haven't forgiven him that one! Good Luck.

Kellan said...

That's the one I use too - he doesn't have time anymore to make all the gifts himself - he needs help from China - ACK!

Take care - Kellan

Mom said...

I am sure Drew does know-and Like Nate with me, may be protecting YOU since he thinks you believe....and I agree with Cindy it really is all about the Spirit

Aunt Andrea said...

I told my girls after Christmas, but before Easter in the third grade. (this was the age were other kids were telling them that their parents had told them that there was no Santa Claus)The older ones always have fun keeping the secret, and helped keep Santa real for the younger ones. I also told them although Santa was not a person, I believed miracles happened Christmas eve.

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

Ohhh, I hope he believes as long as possible!! That is a GREAT question though...Made in China. HA! That's a very observant boy you have there. I know some people are against it but I will fib my heart out when my son asks...I hope he believes till he's 35. :)