Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day & Drew's First 5k

(a post by my husband, Todd)

First off let me explain that I am guest blogging this entry. There are just certain things in life that hold special meaning for each of us. Today a dream came true for me.

On my birthday two years ago I ran a 10K and Kelly did a 5K walk. The local news interviewed Drew as he cheered for me and his mom. He told the reporter he was there, "Because I want to be like my dad." You see I started exercising so that I could be active in their lives as they grew. Last year he started doing kids triathlons. I have always believed that he could go farther if he wanted but he had always just wanted to do them for fun. A few weeks ago he and I went for a jog to see how far he could go. We planned on going a mile and then walking a bit. Since he had no trouble going a mile I didn't say anything and we just kept running. When we turned around we had gone more than a mile and a half. He pushed himself and ended up running almost 4 miles. I think he did it because I wanted him to.

Today he and I did the Turkey Run at the YMCA. He wanted to sign up for it and we planned on running it together. I don't think I have looked forward to a race as much as this one. We got dressed together this morning and headed out of the house. Once there we mingled with the other racers and found our position at the start. I could tell that he was a little nervous. The energy from the crowd caused us to go a little faster than we had planned. With the cool air and excitement he was breathing a little hard for the first few blocks. We soon settled into a nice even pace and just enjoyed the day. The day was perfect. We talked throughout the race and I truly was just enjoying being with Drew. Once we made the last turn I knew that he was going to run the entire race. I was so proud of him. I knew he could do it and he did as well, but sometimes it is hard not to give in and walk. He finished strong with a sprint at the end. He ended up with a time of 32:00. As he crossed the finish line they were handing out fliers for another run. He asked me if I had a pen. He wanted to sign-up on the spot. Drew has grown so much in these past nine years. I am so proud of him and love it when I see him do something so incredible. When we got home we watched his interview from two years ago. We still have it on our DVR. For some reason we just cannot delete that little moment when as a little boy he looked up with those eyes and said, "Because I want to be like my dad." Knowing that as he grows he still wants to be like me is simply the best feeling on Earth. I was having such a great day that I even wore my "World's Greatest Dad" shirt today.

I hope you enjoyed my husband's post. He really wanted to be the one to write about Drew's 5k race today. I was so proud of Drew and I could tell it was very meaningful for Todd. Noah had a bit of excitement too. The local news interviewed him and I both about what we are thankful for. He was so excited to see us on the 6:00 news tonight.

Before we met up with my family for brunch, we headed over to my mom and dad's almost finished new house for a big family picture. I won't show it since it's going to be in my parent's xmas cards, but I do have to share this one of the 6 grandkids. Getting all 6 of them to sit still together for any length of time is picture worthy in itself!
I just love this picture of my adorable Dad and my even more adorable niece Ellie.
My nephew and godson Ty made me this beautiful turkey card with his hands and feet. I absolutely love it.
What was written inside completely melted my heart. I love you too Tyler!

Tonight we met up with Todd's side of the family for dinner and the kids had fun with all of their cousins there. On the way home, it was quiet in the van and Aiden says "Mom, what you thankful for?" It was so sweet how he said it. I said "I'm thankful for you, I'm thankful for Drew, I'm thankful for Noah, and I'm thankful for daddy. What are you thankful for??" I'm expecting something sweet and heartfelt and he pipes up. "for the robot that Blake has." I didn't even know Blake had a robot!

This was a perfectly wonderful Thanksgiving from start to finish. THAT is something to be thankful for.


Suzie said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!

The picture of the grandkids is adorable! It really kind of freaked me out reminds me of a picture of me as a baby with all of the Bozarth cousins on Grandpa's front porch. What a crazy world.

Jessi said...

I just started crying. Go Drew!! I'm so proud of you!! And Todd, you and Kelly are such wonderful parents that it completely makes sense that they want to be just like you guys. Miss you all and see you soon!

aunt jane said...

Congrats to Drew and I saw Noah's and your interview. How cute.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Congrats to Drew!Way to go kiddo! ;)
Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time.
Loved the pictures!
Have a great week.

JeffBoz said...

Good job Drew! I am proud of you.

Dianna said...

Woo hoo Drew*!* He looks soooooo proud in that last photo~what a cutie :) Thanks Todd for the report...I got a bit misty!

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving~can't wait to see the house*!*

(Aiden, I'm thankful for Blake's robot too ;)

Anonymous said...




Beth said...

Way to go Drew! I'm so sorry I missed Noah at the 6 news. It didn't show him at 10 and I've tried to find it online and can't. Did you DVR it by any chance?

What a great thanksgiving...and those 6 kids sure were well behaved this year! And pictures to boot!

Aunt Cindy said...

GREAT POST Todd....You are one truly special dad, and it is wonderful that Drew has always recognized it. Your post brought tears to my eyes, and I am INCREDIBLY proud of Drew for wanting to live up to goals he sets for himself and that he wants to make YOU proud of him too.

We saw Kelly and Noah on TV but Uncle Joe got so excited about all I could hear was "KELLY, KELLY, KELLY".

That funny. Good thing Blake has lots of toys.

Deb said...

Congratulations Drew! That is so awesome! What a great way to keep in shape and have fun too.

Lovely picture of the kids also... can't wait to see their finished home! Such an exciting time!

Kellan said...

What a nice post. Congrats to Drew (and hid Dad) on the 5K - WOW!!

Great photos of your beautiful family!

Take care - Kellan

Mom said...

I cant imagine walking 4 miles...and here Drew is running all these great times and races....Way to do Drew! And to do it with your dad-quite a good memory for both. 6 grandkids sitting still and looking at the camera...priceless

Weber said...

Awe, this post brought tears to my eyes. How very sweet. I just can't tell you enough what a wonderful family you have Kelly!

OHmommy said...

That was great.... I loved the guest post. I should have my husband on my blog.

Congrats on the run!

And I love your new holiday look!

Kat said...

Todd- That post was just so sweet. You had me in tears. My husband's name is Todd too and he is also a runner (and we also have 3 boys!). I know he is so anxious for the day when he and his boys can do special stuff like this together. What a wonderful day for you and Drew. One neither of you will forget. It seriously does make me weepy. Thank you for the post.

Kelly- Is there any way you can get a link to the TV interview? I would love to see it.
It sounds like everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)