Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pirate Aiden .....ARRGH

Back on one of the days when we had nice sunny weather (it's been awhile, I'm starting to forget!), Aiden and I went to his new favorite place.....the "pirate park". It's a park over on Quinsippi Island---you have to drive over to it on an old train bridge. The park is kind of cute, it's set up like a pirate ship which leads to many great adventures for my make-believe loving boys. Aiden had a blast there that day.

Here he is steering the ship.
We're on the lookout for Pirate Lions....I bet you didn't know they exist, did you?? Well they are very real and they were coming after our ship!
Uh oh, Aiden had to walk the plank. I'll miss ya buddy!
Down the chute he goes!!
I bet you didn't know they had jet skis in pirate days did you?? It makes for a much speedier getaway.
I'm ready for another nice day to head to the park. This cold and rain is getting old!! I'm wanting some beautiful fall weather like that brief little spell on Saturday afternoon!
Thought for the day: We went to mail a package at the Post Office this morning......the UPS truck was there making a delivery. Am I missing something??


Anonymous said...

My boys used to be Pirate Crack Addicts. (and my H has a man-crush on Johnny Depp....so that probably contributed...)


Kathryn said...

My boys would love that park! What fun!

Too funny about the UPS truck. hehe

Dianna said...

Mallory asked if she could come play with him today~ *sniff*

Aunt Cindy said...

It's odd to see, and hear about Aiden by himself. I bet he misses his brothers some days, and loves having his mama to himself most. Thanks for the visit today.

BTW, I think UPS stops at the POST OFFICE to ask for directions at least 10 times a day!

OHmommy said...

What a cool park. And. Handsome fella.

Kellan said...

Looks like so much fun! Don't you wish that we could go back to having that kind of fun - just a day at the park, playing on swings and slides!?

Take care - Kellan

Aunt Andrea said...

I knew the UPS needed help from your Uncle Joe!
Aiden must be loving all the one on one time. The pictures were great!

Sandra Carvalho said...

What fun!!!My kids would adore it!

uncle Joe said...

the ups truck was delivering our paychecks....you don't think we mail them do you.
nice to see you yesterday Aiden and your mommy too.

Weber said...

What great pictures. Looks like it was a really fun day. :)

4funboys said...

now THAT'S a great park!!!

got room for 4 more???