Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 13th Anniversary Todd

September 23, 1995 South Park

Ahhh we were such kids. We were barely 23 and fresh out of college. 13 years later and I think we've accomplished a lot of our goals together and have come so far and done so much. Most people think of 13 as an unlucky number but I feel pretty lucky. I have an amazing husband, 3 incredible kids, and a comfortable, if not sometimes crazy life. I would do it all over again (but I would have to change the dress and the hair-yuck!)

I love you!


Sandra Carvalho said...

Awwwww!You both look adorable!
September looks to be our favorite month to get married LOL!Guess who's going to celebrate the 12th anniversary next Sunday??Yep!Me!LOL!

Happy Anniversary Kelly+Todd!


Weber said...


September IS a good month for weddings! :)

You guys looked great in your wedding photo and you STILL look wonderful! What a happy couple. :)

By the way, if you would, please tell Sandra Carvalho that for some reason I cannot get on her blog anymore. I not ignoring you Sandra!

Kathryn said...

What a beautiful couple!
Happy Anniversary!

Dianna said...

That day was PERFECT*!*
Beautiful day, wonderful friends...perfection.
Even your hair and dress my dear :)

You did gross me out a little by just eating cantaloupe and drinking Tang all day (oh yeah, and all of the antacids*!*)

Happy Anniversary~love you all*!*

Jill and Todd Potrykus said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Todd and I have ours this Saturday... September was good indeed! It is 11 years for us. Hope you got to celebrate with a special night.

Aunt Cindy said...

You were a BEAUTIFUL Bride...gorgeous in fact. It really was a perfect wedding...if you don't count the fact that Jane's house almost burnt down that day!

I am so glad you and Todd have found such happiness in your married lives, and that you've been blessed with a very special family! Todd had me the minute he brushed your tear away that day with the pad of his thumb..I'll never forget it.

I don't doubt this will be an anniversary you never EVER forget....and you are right 13 can be lucky even when there were many moments today you might not have thought so!

HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Now get some sleep!

Uncle Joe said...

How could I spend the entire day with you and not wish you Happy Anniversary? I am so sorry.
But how many people can say that their uncle/godfather was with them all day? Not sure that is a good thing.
You and Todd are both very special people, I am so glad you both found each other.
As for your wedding day. I see no need to have changed anything, you were BEAUTIFUL.
Love you both