Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins

I am absolutely blessed to have the two cutest nephews and cutest niece in the world. The happiness they bring me is indescribable. I guess it's kind of like having kids of your own but you don't have to do all the work!

Thursday Aiden and Ty started their Music Matters class together. Aiden was excited to start these classes back up and we were really excited to get to go to these with Beth and Ty. It's so special that these two cousins have birthdays only 4 days apart and will get to grow up sharing so much together. Class was fun and afterwards we went downstairs to the indoor playground for a bit.

Friday, Aiden and I met Beth, Blake,Ty and Ellie at the library for the Jack and the Beanstalk puppet show. The kids were too cute and enjoyed the show. I loved having Ty come cuddle up next to me and put his arm on my leg. He kept saying "Kelly, that giant is going to be scary". I told him it wouldn't be too scary and he said "Yes, it will, you'll see". Afterwards, Beth, bless her heart, took Aiden home with her so I could go do recess duty at Drew and Noah's school. Aiden had a blast and talked about it all afternoon.

Today, if the rain decides to stop, all the family will meet at Septemberfest at Blessed Sacrament Church. We have been looking forward to it. "Rain, rain, go away....."

Sunday we are planning on meeting Matt,Beth, Blake, Ty and Ellie at the YMCA for family swim time. Too much family togetherness? NEVER. I'd be thrilled to see them everyday. How lucky we are to have our family living in the same town and get to spend so much time together. Watching our kiddos grow up together is an added bonus.


Beth said...

I had almost the same post saved on my blog...I was waiting to download the picture I took of the boys playing playdough yesterday.

It's been a fun couple of days & we're looking forward to this weekend...I jjust hope this crazy weather stops!!!!

And this time I'll get to see my other nephews too:)

Anonymous said...

what a great idea. I want a Music Matters class as well!!!

Cindy said...

Cousins are the next best thing to siblings and seemingly BETTER when you are young. My best friend from my earliest memories is my cousin Becky. We shared so much, then came Angie and Missie, and they were like little sisters from the beginning...and I still love all 3 like they are sisters.

I am so glad that your boys and Matt's kids are so close. YOu are all lucky in that way, and we are too b/c we get to share special times with all them. (these kids are such a joy to Uncle Joe and me)

I agree with you that there is no such thing as too much time shared with family. EVER. I know I miss my boys every single day, but mostly when they are missing on a family get-together.

Weber said...

Oh, that is SO wonderful that you guys have that!
We have tons of cousins up in Illinois and they are really close. I sometimes feel bad because my boys will never know or be a part of that being so far away from ALL our family and friends.
I love that you guys not only have what you have but cherish it as well. :)

Sandra Carvalho said...
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Sandra Carvalho said...

I know the feeling girl!Fortunately my husband's family is quite large so I'm blessed with a large number of nieces and nephews.6 Nieces and 5 nephews, plus a grand-niece and a grand-nephew (both 2 years old).Yep, I'm a grand-auntie already!!!
So you can have an idea how fun are our family gatherings (which happen almost weekly)!
Good thing you have your family to share those precious moments as well! ;)

Aunt Andrea said...

It's so great that they have first cousins who are in their age range and live in the same city!

Dianna said...

You can love them up and give them back~you gotta love cousins*!*
(They're like bonus blessings aren't they? :)

4funboys said...


I love cousins...especially ones that are a few years older and LOVE to hang out at my house!

I love being "auntie" too...

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

I just spent three days with my sisters. We visited cousins and stay with my grandpa. It was such a great weekend. Your little one and his cousin are so lucky to have each other. There is nothing like a family bond to tie a relationship together.

OHmommy said...

Waaaa... I can't wait for my sister to have babies.

Cousins sound awesome.