Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tri-ing to Help Triathlon

Yesterday was the Tri-ing to Help Triathlon that was sponsored by the Quincy Multisport Club. Todd organized this as the club's first triathlon and as a fund raiser for Ross, a local boy diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. They were wanting to raise the money to help with his medical expenses. They had a great turnout for the first year with the adult triathlon being at 7am and a kids triathlon at 10am. Drew and Noah did the kid's triathlon and had so much fun. Noah kept telling me how much he loved doing them and they did such a great job. I'm just proud of them for doing them because it's something so great for their overall health. Noah got 2nd place in the boys' 6 and under age group and Drew got 3rd place in the boys' 7-10 age group. They are hoping for this to be an annual event for the club.

Noah on top and Drew on bottom. I was lucky to catch them both together as one was swimming up and the other was swimming back.

Drew on the biking portion.

Noah on the biking portion.
Noah and Drew shortly after they finished their run.
Noah receiving his 2nd place ribbon from Ross.
It's so nice that so many people worked together to pull this off for this sweet boy and his family. It makes you so grateful for your health and just goes to show how anything can strike anyone at anytime. No one is safe. I wish him and his family the best and he continues his battle.


Jer said...

Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures. I told the boys how proud I am of them. And Todd too. This is a good thing he did.

Mom said...

Drew and Noah-you both did so great! Loved seeing the pictures-since I missed getting there to really see you!

Aunt Cindy said...

Kelly...tears came instantly to see Ross giving Noah his award..There is just NOTHING more heartbreaking that a child that is facing such a challenge. I give Todd so much credit for taking on such a monumental task, but I am sure his motivation of watching a child battle Cancer got him going, and kept him going. May God reward you in a BIG way Todd!

Way to Go Drew and Noah on your big wins, and mostly on getting fit and staying fit. They told us today they had peaches there that were better than ANY candy they'd ever had....You are getting through Kel...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome! This inspires me to bring my kids with me to the Race for the Cure this year!! great pics!

4funboys said...

wow... that is really awesome!

Sandra Carvalho said...

That's so wonderful!...I wish to the little boy and his brave family all the best in the world.Never give up.

Weber said...

What a wonderful thing for your children to be a part of. You have such a wonderful family Kelly!

Man girl, you've been blogging! I miss a few days and WOW! Looks great - I always enjoy your posts. :)

Dianna said...

Great job guys*!*
Noah and ROCK as always:)
Todd~you're the MAN!!! What an awesome thing to put together.
We can take NOTHING for granted can we?
Prayers to little Ross and his family.

Beth said...

What a great thing to do for that family Todd! Way to go Drew & Noah!

Kimberly said...

Amazing! Wat a great thing to be a part of.