Monday, August 18, 2008

Missing Underwear Part 3 and CASE CLOSED!

Ok, I know you're on the edge of your seats wondering how we figured out the case of the missing underwear. If you need to catch up, here's Part 1 and Part 2. Last night, around 10:30 or so, Todd and I were watching TV and Noah came out of his bedroom and walked across the hall into the bathroom. After awhile, Todd went to check on him because he never came out. He called me in to look and said he thinks he knows what happened to the underwear. I was puzzled so I peeked into the bathroom and saw this:

Noah was sound asleep on the bathroom floor with his underwear around his ankles. I tried a full body shot but little boy parts were showing, and I just couldn't do that to him. Todd pulled his underwear off and Noah just looked up at us and went back to sleep. We tried to get him up to go back to bed and he was mumbling about being tired and confused. This morning I asked him if he remembered any of it and he only did a little. I'm thinking the little kiddo is sleepwalking or something and is getting up at night to potty and leaving his underwear in the bathroom or his room and doesn't remember it. I'm just thankful we were awake when this happened or he could have spent the night there. Or worse yet, I would have gotten up to go to the bathroom during the night, would have tripped over his little body and then wet myself!!!


Kellan said...

Oh, how funny! He's a little cutie and I'm glad you didn't stumble over him - tee hee!

Have a good evening, Kelly - see you soon - Kellan

Mom said...

TOOOO funny. Nate was one that never remembered what he did at night (I think that is true now after this weekend!) Can you tape underwear in place?

Aunt Cindy said...

Too Cute....I hope he is getting plenty of deep sleep with his nocturnal wanderings.

Sandra Carvalho said...

OMG!Thank God you get to figure it out!
Poor thing!LOL!

Anonymous said...

this is hysterical, and it's a case you will never forget!

poor baby.......LOL

Weber said...

Oh my word! That's way too funny! Glad you figured it out. :)

My oldest is a sleep walker. We have to have alarms on our doors because he can unlock the doors in his sleep. He has gone outside in the middle of the night before - SO scary!!! He never remembers a thing. I found him asleep once in our van. We have also trained our dog to wake us now if Alex gets up.

Dianna said...

Yikes...glad the case is closed.
Even more glad he didn't do that at my house*!*

JeffBoz said...

That is so cute. I have been following the adventure since part one.

Deb said...

too cute. glad the mystery is solved.