Saturday, August 16, 2008

Missing Underwear Part 2

I wrote last week about Noah and his missing underwear. It happened again. The other morning Aiden woke up and for some reason went into Noah's room to see if he was sleeping. I ran in really quick to get him out before Noah woke up. Noah happened to roll over.....I look over and see his naked bum peeking out of his covers. A few minutes later Noah came out of his room wearing some underwear, but they weren't the ones he went to bed in. I asked him what happened to his underwear and he looked visibly upset. "Mom, I told you, I don't know what happens to them. They just disappear.

Either he's undressing in his sleep or the underwear fairy is coming and taking them. The first time I at least found them in his bed covers. This time?? Nowhere to be found.


Dianna said...

Hmmmm....going on "dates", missing've got trouble.
(with a capital "t" that rhymes with "p" and that stands for pool.)

Sandra Carvalho said...

He's so cute!
Missing underwear!...You better call for CSI! hahahaha!

Aunt Cindy said...

I can't imagine his confusion of going to bed 'dressed' and waking up haveing no idea where his clothes are. I'm thinking this should be happening MUCH later in his life.

Jill and Todd Potrykus said...

You have me laughing. That is too funny.