Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just When You Think You Know Someone.....

I've known my husband for 15 1/2 years now and I thought I knew everything about him.
Little did I know.....
I was wrong!
Yesterday I discovered something shocking about him......and it frightened me a little.
My sweet hubby is allergic to bee stings!
After Drew's soccer practice Todd went over to pick up a sign that had been knocked over in the parking lot. I guess that's where a bunch of bees were hanging out. He got stung on the top of his head and on the back of his hand. By the time he got home, both were swollen and disgusting looking. He had also broken out in hives all over his body and was itching like crazy. The sting site was burning and irritated also. He took some Benydryl right away and made a baking soda paste to put on the sting. Then he put ice on it to try and get some relief. He was scratching like crazy. It took awhile for the medicine to kick in but his body finally calmed down. I felt bad for him. I also felt a little guilty because when he first got home, I thought he was making a big deal out of nothing. Let's face it girls, when men are sick or hurt, they just aren't as tough as us gals. But when I took a look at all the swelling and the hives, I knew he had legitimate complaints. I asked him if I should worry about his throat swelling shut and he said no. :)
He was up and gone to work by the time I got up today so I'm assuming all is well again. I'm just hoping the bees stay away from him for a long while!


Dianna said...

....but don't feel guilty girl, I'd have done the same thing!

Kathryn said...

Yipes. That is kinda scary! Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

omg- HOW scary!

Beth said...

Poor Todd. You guys need to own stock in benadryl. We'll share a few with you;)

Jill and Todd Potrykus said...

Todd is very lucky. I'm glad it did not get any worse. Hope you are feeling better Todd. I unfortunately had to be taken to the ER by wonderful Aunt Jane when I was in grade school as I ended up having a hard time breathing plus all those things Todd had experienced. Those darn allergies!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Oh my!
Poor Todd...Thank God it didn't got worst.
It's a scary situation!...
Good to know he's doing great now.