Monday, November 2, 2009

School and Sport Pictures

The first 3 pictures are all scanned in so not the best of quality. We got Drew and Noah's school pictures back friday. I was happy with how they turned out. They just look too grown up though. My only question.......Couldn't have Noah's background been just a little bit greener?? I mean, it's just so faint. HA! Trust me, it's even worse in person, thank you scanner for toning that down a bit. But nothing can ruin my two handsome dudes smiles. Aiden gets his first school picture ever on the 13th so I'm anxious to see how his turn out too!

I had forgotten to scan Drew's soccer pictures in. The wet spot on his shirt??? From all of that white frost on the grass in the background!! It was so cold and the grass was covered in ice. When they kicked the ball, ice would go flying. Nuts! But I love the picture.

The team with Coach Dad....minus a few players. At least the sun had come out by this point! These were taken in the beginning of October too! Crazy weather. They have their last game this coming Saturday at 10:30 and then Sunday they start indoor soccer at 10am. No rest for the weary. Noah and Todd start up too. I didn't realize the women's league is only second session so I have until January to get in shape now. Woohee!
Drew decided he wanted to give roller hockey a try. Since it was only on Monday evenings for a half an hour for 8 weeks, we said he could do it. They provide all the equipment too which is really nice. Drew did bring his Dad's hockey stick though from back in the day when Todd played in high school. He thought that was pretty special. For having never played before, he's picking it up pretty well. He's gone to a few practices also so that has helped. These were from the first game so I want to take some more later in the season. Drew is in the black clothes. There are some girls in the league too and let me tell you, they can kick some butt! Watch out for them!


Beth said...

Okay ALL the pics are cute but Drew looks like a teenager in his school pic! When did he get that grown up??

Just got the boys' back Friday. They are def. school pics:) Will scan them this week to post!

Aunt Cindy said...

I just can't believe how grown up the boys are, but Beth is right...Drew is getting there way WAY too fast. Great pictures of both boys. Seems Drew really enjoys his sports too. I was always afraid of roller hockey, even though I love to skate.

Mom said...

Great pictures-all those grandkids are getting too grown up!

Kat said...

Wow! They really do look all grown up. How does that happen so fast???

Deb said...

Great pictures, Kelly! :)