Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leaf Dancing

All this cold and rain makes me want to have back the first two weeks of November when we actually had some nice fall weather. After one of the big storms, it actually dried out a bit AND was warm out. We had a ton more of raking to do. The boys had a blast dancing in the leaves. Todd was standing on our roof with the leaf blower blowing all of the leaves out of the gutters and the two younger boys had a blast running through it. When I tried it, I got hit in the head with acorns so I left that fun to them. (very crummy gets dark way too early!)

Leaf Angels!

Aiden being his crazy self

This one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.
My little fairies.

Drew worked so hard to rake up a big pile. I told him he got the first jump.
(what's so funny is that all these leaves and then some were in our front yard. We don't even have any trees in the front yard! LOL)
Noah and Aiden decided to bury Drew in the leaves.

POP! Goes The Drewdles!

I know Christmas is around the corner already but I just don't feel in the Christmas spirit yet. I was some more beautiful fall weather!!


Aunt Cindy said...

Great pictures Aiden's camera attack picture. I wish there could be more Fall weather days too before winter sets in. I think this weekend might be pretty least the rain has stopped.

Mom said...

I love those leaf days did the neighborhood dump their leaves in your front? I have seen your tree-maybe 100 leaves if that!

OHmommy said...

THAT'S a huge pile of leaves. So much free fun, no?