Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Getting Organized and Decluttered!

I've been working (verrrrry slooooowly) at getting the house in better shape. Since summer, we have taken countless boxes of toys and clothes to the consignment store (and have made good money because of it!) and countless more trips to the Salvation Army. It feels so good to see those boxes go out the door and out of the house. Problem is, Christmas came and there wasn't room for everything, so we've started going through things again. There are also lots of places in the house that haven't even had their first run through.

I'm going to have some help!! Thrift Decor Chick is having a organizing and decluttering party. This girls website rocks.....she is creative, crafty and can make the CUTEST decorations for her home..... and is thrifty about it. I love her (plus she's a New Kids fan so she has to be awesome right??)

Today my big goal is just mopping floors and getting supper in the crock pot since I work and Noah and I both have soccer. Tomorrow back to getting the house in better shape!


Cindy said...

Good Luck with the Plan. It's every housewife's dream to have an organized house. (not sure the househusband would agree)

Tracey said...

Hello! I have just stumbled across you blog and boy does your family look just like mine! All boys a close together. I think your blog is great I will be back to visit!

Jill Scott said...

Good luck. Me too. I love getting things decluttered and organized. Not the doing part, just the getting done. We all need some inspiration.

Zoe said...

god. i need to do this so bad. so very very bad.

Beth said...

Your house is already pretty clutter free! You do a great job of organizing too. Good luck getting what you want done though!

I on the other hand am drowing in stuff right now. I started last week decluttering and am working on the laundry room the last two days. I have about two full days left but am already feeling good about the progress. I wish I could see into the future to see which baby clothes I need to keep and which ones I could get rid of! A whole wall of totes really takes up space!