Friday, January 23, 2009

Aiden's First Skating Party

The boys had their school skating party last night. They have two of them every school year and we always try to make at least one of them. Last night, we decided to take Aiden along and try to teach him how to skate. I never even thought of it with the other boys at this age, but then, they didn't have two older brothers that loved to go skating. Aiden was a Rock Star on skates. We hadn't even gone 1/4 of the way around the first lap when he yells. "Let go guys, I can do it" So Todd and I let go, he flailed a littled and ended up doing splits. But after that, it was all systems go. He actually did better when he wasn't holding onto our hands. We had his wheels tightened too which makes it much easier. He was off and rolling!

We kind of caught Noah unaware here. Notice the deer in the headlights look?

Mommy and Aiden sharing a special skate.
We had to play a little skee ball.
Here's a little video clip Todd took of our little skater. He loved skating when they turned the lights out and had the disco lights was fun to skate over all the different colored lights. I also caught him dancing to the music a few times and it was to cute.
I didn't get any pictures of Drew.....he refused of course. We did get video of him and Noah doing the Limbo though. It was the perfect evening for the 5 of us. The older two had a blast with their friends and Aiden was sooo well behaved. He loved skating and hanging out with the older kids. The boys' friends kept coming over and talking to him, he thought he was so big.


Kat said...

That looks like so much fun! It makes me so sad that my childhood skate rink just closed down. :(
Glad you all had such a great time!

Carin said...

Looks like a great time. The boys will have great memories of this.

Mom said...

Skating parties were such fun for all 3 of you...although Dad and I skated at some when you and Matt were in school(and I think once with Nate when still little)...I was later so scared of falling and breaking something. Enjoy these days-and you will have lots if Aiden enjoys it so much!

Jill Scott said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I need to take my kids skating soon.

Shasta said...

Your boys are so cute! It looks like they had a lot of fun. We went skating a few weekends ago and the boys had a blast! Great memories and love the video!

Cindy said...

Aiden looks so adorable, and I am glad he got to go and have fun with the big guys. I am SO jealous...I miss skating own, and my kids school parties. (we never missed one) It was a true passion of my youth and I do miss it...might need to go again someday soon. My aunt's mother broke both her arms rollerskating at age 74...I want that to be me.

Zoe said...

that looks like fun! our school has them but we have never gone. looks like we will have to try!

Jan said...

Cute pictures, Kelly. With all of Aidens energy, it's a great sport for him. I'm with you, Cindy. I sure miss the days skating with the kids. We used to go every Wed morning when they were 4 and 5 and we all loved it. They actually skated the first time here at Scotties.
How about a family Skating party?

Dianna said...
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Dianna said... that good old Scotty's Skateland????
Give those boys a hug!!!

Deb said...

Aiden looks so sweet in his big-boy skates! Glad you all had a nice family night.

When we lived in Carthage...the school had a least one per month. Brandon always went...but he didn't want mom to stay and hang out. It was just him and his buds! Riley has never been yet.

We always had fun skating when I was young also. I'm up for a family skating party?! Think it would be tons of fun...not to mention ammunition for all of the blogs out there... ;-)

Beth said...

Oh..Aiden is adorable! And that is a great idea to tighten the wheels. I'll have to remember it!

I thought about taking the boys last fall, but with Ty's aversion to shiny floors, not to mention trying to stay up on wheels, I don't know if it would be very fun:)

Sandra Carvalho said...

OMG!Your baby boy skates better then me!!!LOL!
Sounds like everyone had a great time!

Weber said...

What a fun time! We're going to the skating on Wed. for Alex's birthday. My older two love to skate but I dislike going because I'm always trying to keep Zac of the skating floor. I guess I'll let him give it a try - you guys have inspired me! :) I'll let youknow how it goes! :)

One Lonesome MOM said...

Can you BELIEVE it....ADAM went rollerskating this week WITHOUT me....I thought we had a pact...I thought he would know I'd want to come too....Where is the fairness in being the mother of a 25 year old that would ditch me to go rollerskating with FRIENDS?????