Friday, January 16, 2009

Flashback Friday

I haven't done a Flashback Friday for awhile so I thought I'd do one today. I'm sure you'd rather see some cute pictures of kiddos from years past than hear about my pulled muscle in my thigh from soccer last night or how during the short time I played goalie, I took a shot to the crotch (again) that was so hard it flew me through the air, landed me on my butt, and knocked the wind out of me. They stopped the game to make sure I was ok. I really wasn't but what else could I do?? I hopped on up and kept playing even though a part of me wanted to hide out on the sidelines and cry a little. LOL Talk about 'taking one for the team'. Sheesh. We played a college girls' soccer team so you can imagine how good (and strong!) they were. We did lose but not by much. Once again we had no subs and they did which always hurts.

Anyways...... I was trying to decide what to flash back on and thought I'd look at pictures from January's past. I found some really cute ones from January 2006 so here goes.

I love this picture of Noah and Aiden. Noah just looks like such a proud big brother, doesn't he?

Drew was a proud big brother too.
This was a picture Grandpa Ken took and it's just too cute. I love how his little arm is propped up on the couch.

I decided to do a photo shoot of the boys one day. I just love this one of Noah. His eyes are so big and bright and he has the cutest smile.

This was back when Drew actually liked getting his picture taken and would even pose and ham it up for me. Now it's like pulling teeth to get his picture.

I don't know why, but this picture cracks me up.

When taking pictures of 3 month olds, you kinda just have to take their little lump of a bod and prop them up somewhere.

My little bald cutie. He was follically challenged for quite awhile.

I'm off to enjoy my afternoon. Aiden is spending the afternoon with Grandpa Ken and I don't have to pick the other boys up from school until 3:00. Yippee!!! Then I get to finish my afternoon off with a massage at 4. It was a gift certificate from Mother's Day for crying out loud. What took me so long to use it?? It's good timing though because I have me some sore legs!


Deb said...

Nice pictures, Kelly...I could set and look at old photos for hours.

The massage sounds like a little piece of heaven! Enjoy! ;-)

Beth said...

Get used to no subs. Every team I've ever played with S. Mueller we never had subs. Volleyball, softball, etc. Hope next game isn't so rough!

Those pics are great. As we've been organizing the laundry room we've gone through TONS of old pics. Makes me glad I take so many! And I forgot how bald Aiden was:)

I have my mother's day massage to use still too:) Enjoy that time today. I'm sure it will feel good after soccer.

Jessi said...

Have a great time having some you time. You deserve it!

As I always say, your boys are adorable!!

Cindy said...

Great pictures...I think that one of Noah makes me think he is trying to hide his 'boobies'....IF he had any...Cracks me up too.

I've never had a massage, but I think it sounds like something you need after your abuse on the soccer field. OUCH.

Jill Scott said...

My favorite pic is the baby draped over the chair, with one arm hooked over the chair arm as a hook in case he starts slipping. Very cute.

Andrea said...

Enjoy the massage! I've never had one, but they are supposed to be very relaxing.

Mom said...

So after the season of soccer...maybe another massage will be in order for Mothers Day! Do they have just a leg massgae????

Amy said...

Awesome pics Kel!! and I love your new blog header those pics of you and your boys are beautiful!! Glad you're doing well in soccer..I so admire you for that!!

Tracey said...

The pictures are great! I hope you had a nice massage! I could use one right about now! LOL

Sandra Carvalho said...

Those pics are gorgeous!What lovely boys you have Kelly!

Weber said...

Enjoy your massage - sounds like you need it!!!
I always love your flashbacks!

Zoe said...

I love the flashback! Your boys are so cute!!!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

What a fun idea to have flashback Friday. They were adorable.