Friday, January 9, 2009

Gettin' Back In The Groove

Life is getting back to normal. Todd and the boys are back in school. Aiden and I are back in our weekday routines and I have had absolutely nothing to write about this week. I think I'm in a funk.

Here's some random nothingness from my week.

***My coffee pot leaks water every time I use it.

***Aiden has somehow learned the word "hate" and uses it about 200 times per day which is making me crazy.

***Aiden keeps telling him I make him crazy. Whatever kid, I think it's the other way around.

***Drew woke up looking like Tina Turner this morning. I think it's time for a haircut.

***Facebook sucks the life right out of you.

***My house is finally starting to look halfway normal after the Christmas bomb went off in it.

***Rock of Love Tour Bus is even a bigger train wreck than the previous seasons. If Brett Michaels thinks he'll find love the 3rd time around, he's nuts.

***My cat still loves taking baths.

***Twilight comes out on DVD March 21st. Do you know what I'll be doing that day??? :)

***AND New Kids on the Block have announced they'll tour the states again this summer. Woohoo!! Girls, start saving your money, we're taking a road trip again!

I'm saving the best for last.....the best part of our week:
***My sweet beautiful niece, Ellie turns ONE today!! Happy Birthday sweetie, we can't wait to celebrate with you!!


Weber said...

Love your random post! I'm not even allowing myself on facebook for more than 15 minutes a day now!!!!
We don't care for the word hate around here either. Alex has taught Zac to say, "I strongly dislike you!" Kind of cute....I guess......

Happy Birthday Ellie. :-)

And last but not least - your comment on my blog about the computer virus.... BAD, very BAD but also very FUNNY!! :) Hee-hee.

Kat said...

YEAH! I didn't know about the Twilight DVD release date. I was just wondering about that. I'm marking my calender right now!

mom said...

I noticed Aiden using "hate"on MOnday...actually told Nate that and then just laughed...not sure he really understands the word, and probably now using it to drive you crazy (and Yes-I vote that HE would be the one most likely driving YOU crazy!!!)some weeks are nice to have nothing-neither highs nor lows...

Kellan said...

I think that is why I have been avoiding Facebook - I have heard it can become very addictive - I don't think I need one more addictive hobby.

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Cindy said...

Too late to aske for a new coffee pot for Christmas....oops.

Happy Birthday Ellie.

My kids say facebook is for the you got that going for you.

Zoe said...

i won't go near facebook. i'm afraid i'll get sucked into the vortex. hate has been a popular word here too. fun huh. and i LOVE rock of love on the tour bus.

Dianna said...

Sorry...did I give you my funk through the computer?...sorry.

Mal started using hate 2 days ago...we don't like that around here either...which is probably why she's using it.
Hey, they talked on the phone the other day didn't they? Thay are conspiring against us!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Great post!Girl,I wish I was there!NKOTB on tour and I'll miss it once again!:(