Friday, March 21, 2008

My Dad's Big Day

My dad received a wonderful award at work yesterday. Not only was the award a surprise to him but having all of his family there (minus Nate) was a surprise also. It's called the Fire Starter Award and the award "is given at the Leadership Development Institute to recognize one outstanding leader who is using evidence based leadership principles to make a difference in the work area and for the organization. "

Dad was the first one to win the award and not only do I consider this a big honor for him, I agree that he is very deserving of it, and I am VERY proud of him. He's been at this job since I was a baby and has worked his way all the way up the ranks over the years. He's always been a very hard worker and because of this, has always provided for his family and has been a great role model for us on what a hard worker is. I love you Dad, thanks for all you do!!

Family picture at the Ambiance after receiving the award.
Picture is very dark but this is when he came up for the award and turned and saw us all standing there.

Somehow this is the smallest picture ever, but this is when he was receiving his award.


Mom said...

It WAS a special day-I think Dad really derserved the award too-no one works as hard as he does! I also think that for the next family picture we either go to the Ambiance or have a fountain in the new home....was that good or what???

Aunt Jan said...

We are all very proud of your Dad. I can't think of anyone more deserving of an award han him.

jane said...

Congrats John, it was well deserved but wish we all could have been there, we all know the B stands for Bozarth not Blessing. What an honor, we are all proud of you.

Dianna said...

He OWNS that place~
Congrats John*!*

STILL attempting that handstand...

Zoe said...

oh that is so great that you all got to be there for him! congrats!

Cindy said...

I don't know how I missed this blog posting

It really goes without saying, but I will anyway.


You have always inspired your family and friends to work harder and be the kind of employee that every employer loves to have. You deserve this award, and I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you