Friday, March 14, 2008

Freaky Friday

I couldn't get the pictures I wanted for Flashback Friday but I do have some freaky ones, hence the name Freaky Friday for today!

We had some major fog this morning. It was almost a little scary driving in it, especially with the idiots driving without headlights. It was hard enough to see the ones that DID have their lights on. Of course, today was one of those days where I had to drive 3 places in the morning instead of one. Add to that the fact that I woke up with The Funk in my left eye and I couldn't really see crap while I was driving. But that didn't stop me from taking these pictures of the cool fog while I was driving the boys to school. I know, I'm one of the stupid ones. Not the best of pictures but what do you expect coming from the dashboard of a moving mini-van?? (This was at 8:15am by the way)

I'm sure most of you know today is 3-14 but do you realize it's Pi Day?? Only if you're a math geek I'm guessing. Well since my hubby is a math teacher they celebrate Pi Day every year in his math classes with what else....pie!! They also design cool math t-shirts every year to sell at school to raise money for the Math Team. (Yes, there really IS such a thing) Amazingly they usually sell tons of them. So this year they designed these t-shirts (see photos below). Also note the scary facial hair on my husband. Yes, he shaved his goatee off into the shape of the symbol for pi.

The shirt reads: "Chuck Norris knows the last digit of pi."

Apparently most people get why this is funny. I didn't, he explained it to me, and I still don't.

One cool fact for the happens to be Chuck Norris's Birthday.

See him making a face to show off his hair pi??

Sorry, had to make the joke. I love Revenge of the Nerds

Yes, it's all a bit geek to me. (sorry for all the horrible puns, it's getting late). But he's my geek and I love him dearly. I love that he comes up with cool things to do with his students too. Love you sweetie.

I'll leave you with this last thought to ponder for today......................

Just how long does it take to clean up 6 smashed raw eggs off of your kitchen floor??? Don't ask Aiden. While I was cleaning his eggy mess off of the kitchen floor, he went into Drew's room and took his lip chap, smeared it all over his face and then ate a bite off of it. That nearly pushed me over the edge. And once again, I have a clean kitchen floor, no thanks to the little guy.


Dianna said...

Never did like that Chuck Norris....

now I don't like pie either.

Todd, you are an awesome, dedicated teacher for sure.
You couldn't pay me to take one of your classes though-if there is an opposite of a math geek-it would be me.

Aunt Cindy said...

That fog was HORRENDOUS. I hated going a mile to work in it, but the day sure cleared up nice and beautiful. Wish I could say the same about today!

Way to go Todd. My kids had their fair share of good teachers (some really bad ones too) but never had one with the creativity and dedication you do. You make me proud to say there are teachers in our family. I really do wish they'd pay the good ones as much as they deserve.

Oh little character.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

that is some serious fog

Amy said...

ok can you 'splain it to me..because I still don't get why chuck norris would know the last digit of pi...but it is cool that Todd does and that his students have fun with it...but I've always sucked at math..

Mom said...

I am still laughing at the Aiden egg mess..that boy will drinve you to drink! I hope he is getting all his mischief out now and will be a wonderful teenager. We all KNOW those last children and their teens years.........
Todd you are a wonderful teacher-I hope your students appreciate all you do.....but finish shaving that goatee

Zoe said...

please tell me the car was stopped when you took that pic...or at least in a slow roll??

Beth said...

I don't get the shirt either Kelly...clue me in next time I see you ok?:) I love the facial hair though. Todd will do anything for his students, huh? That's awesome!

You are not alone in the egg mess. I just cleaned up almost a whole cartone off the floor a few weeks ago when the boys knocked it out of the fridge. What a mess! As for Aiden's other least Chapstick's not toxic!