Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun Friday

No flashin' back today, I have too many other things to write about. We had a wonderful day off today and the weather turned out to be nicer than we expected.

Our day started off by the 5 of us meeting Beth, Blake,Ty,and Ellie at the library. We took the 4 youngest to the Easter party while Todd and the older two stayed in the children's library. Afterwards, they had an easter egg hunt and we got some pictures with the Easter bunny.

No, Drew isn't sleeping, he just couldn't keep his eyes open in the pictures.

Aiden was so excited to get an easter egg, he kept taking it over to the Easter Bunny to show him.

Beth and I asked ourselves if we dared to try and get all 6 cousins in a picture with the Easter bunny?! We did it and it may not be the best, but we were both happy to have gotten the pictures!!

We came home, had pizza and the little guy took his nap, the older two played in the backyard, Todd slept on the couch, and I watched my Ghost Hunters. After Aiden's nap, the five of us took a family bike ride. We headed over to Quincy University first to show the boys the brick with our family names on it and then I wanted to see Kathy's brick too since the 2nd anniversary of her death is in a couple of weeks and she's been on my mind a lot lately. We then headed over to Aunt Jer's new house and say hi but no one was home. We walked across the street to Uncle Joe and Aunt Cindy's to say hi but no one was home there either. We also left a little "gift" for them on the front porch. When we were knocking on their front door the whole screen popped out! Todd tried to put it back in but realized he needed a screwdriver and of course we didn't have one on our bikes! Sorry guys! Oops. We came home and then we all headed to the grocery store to stock up on food and buy a yummy supper. We made cheese fondue with all kinds of veggies and bread, cold shrimp with cocktail sauce, and fresh strawberries. Then we colored our Easter eggs. So we had a nice relaxing, fun day and I'm ready to put the kiddos to bed and kick back with Todd.


Mom said...

Cute pictures-cant believe all 6 grandchildren are looking at the camera! Where did that nice weather go??????

Dianna said...

What a day! Are you exhausted*?*

Amy said...

sound like a really awesome day Kelly! Good for you guys!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


Zoe said...

sounds like a great day! i love the pic of all 6 of them.

Aunt Cindy said...

Sounds like a busy day, but so much fun for the cousins to do something so memorable together. Don't worry about the door...the clips have been broken for awhile and of course our door is a discontined one. Maybe someday we WILL do something to fix it permanently