Friday, March 28, 2008

Bad Dreams Part 2

Ok, Aiden really creeped me out last night. He woke up about 3 am and I tucked him back in. He kept saying something about Pawpaw John's car but I couldn't figure it out. I asked him if Grandpa was in his dream and he said yes. It creeped me out enough that I had to keep myself from calling mom and dad in the middle of the night to see if he was ok. He kept getting out of bed and wouldn't go back to sleep. This morning I asked him why he kept getting up and he said, "I scared" Then the whole way back and forth taking the boys to school, he kept talking about Pawpaw John's truck having a hole in it. When we got home I asked him about it and he said the same thing again. I asked if Grandpa had gotten hurt in his truck and he said "Yes, Pawpaw truck had a big hole. I not like that. He not do that anymore". He said it so sadly, it just broke me heart. So I told him we could call Grandpa at work to make sure he was okay and that made him feel better. He grabbed the phone as soon as I said Grandpa was on it and said, "Pawpaw you okay??" Sheesh, a 2 year old shouldn't have dreams like that!!! I sure hope this kid isn't having premonitions or something. So Dad, you'd better be extra safe in your truck!!


Beth said...

That is creepy! Ty was up with a nightmare last night too...but he couldn't tell me about it. He kept trying and he'd cry & his eyes were just terrified. I finally brought him to bed with me & he calmed down a little. I hope he wasn't "seeing" the same thing. BE CAREFUL JOHN!
I hope Aiden doesn't have any more scary dreams. Must be the age, huh?

Aunt Cindy said...

Maybe to be safe, Grandpa John could drive his car for a few days! I am sorry to hear the boys are being troubled with bad dreams. Maybe a little sugar before bed for sweet dreams. (:-)