Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm A Believer!!

Last night was the 3rd annual Baking Xmas Cookies with Grandpa John night. Grandpa attempts to bake cookies with 5 grandsons while they attempt to eat as much cookie dough as possible. Grandma Paulette videotapes it all and chuckles to herself while snapping pictures. A good time is always had by them all.

Last night though the boys got one of the biggest surprises of their life. Someone knocked at the door and when Noah opened it there stood Santa. Hearing the description of Noah's face when he opened the door was priceless. Grandpa asked him who it was and he said "I don't know" I think he was in a state of disbelief. Santa came in and read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the boys and talked with the awhile. He also passed out gifts to them. They each got a christmas DVD and a stocking with candy. Santa also gave them each a card with his picture on it that said "You are on Santa's Nice list". They were so incredibly excited. Luckily we got to see some video that mom took when he was there. Matt and Beth arrived just as Santa was leaving and got to see the 5 boys all peeking out the window watching him leave. Priceless. What I wouldn't have given to be a fly on the wall last night. I think Grandpa and Grandma were every bit excited as the boys! Mom said it was one of the best nights of her life. I know it's one the boys will talk about for a long time to come.

Drew and Noah each took one of these pictures to school today to show their friends. They were just so excited about it.


Aiden and I had a great morning. We met Beth and Ty at the library to watch the Rudolph puppet show. The boys were just too cute. We got home and there was a message from Grandpa Ken about meeting him for lunch so we met him, Tunie, and Uncle Scott at Krieger's for lunch. What a day. Aiden is passed out in bed and I need to get ready for work. Sounds like a nice snowfall headed our way tonight. The boys are anxious to play outside in it.


Aunt Cindy said...

This is incredible. I am sure this is a 'grandma and grandpa memory' the boys will carry around for the rest of thier lives. What fun to bake cookies, have Santa pop in for a story, and GIFTS. I'd have loved to been there too Kelly. Kudo's to your parents for an amazing evening with their grandsons.

Jer said...

What a wonderful surprise to have Santa visit. And Grandpa John baking cookies with the kids? Priceless. The pictures are great.

Beth said...

Blake & Ty have been talking about last night all day. Since Blake is already so full of questions about Santa this was so good for his Christmas spirit. He keeps saying, "It was the REAL Santa." I wish I would've had my camera when we pulled in the circle drive to see Santa talking with John and all five cousins peeking out the window to watch. Talk about a shock when you aren't expecting to see the big guy! I enjoyed hearing all the stories and agree that grandma and grandpa seemed as excited as the boys. I wish I could have seen it all:) Thanks John and Paulette for the great memories.

Mom said...

What an evening! The video is too funny....I love watching John cope with those 5! And so glad cookie dough will not harm you...they all ate enough for 15! But Santa was toooooooo good.....I will never forget sharing that special moment with theose special boys!

Dianna said...

That's what it's all about isn't it? Good times, making memories, family, and cookie dough...sounds like it was absolutely perfect*!*
Yum...I'll bet there were some interesting "things" baked in w/ those cookies... :}

Aunt Andrea said...

What a wonderful tradition! Santa Claus was just the icing on the cake.