Friday, December 14, 2007

Field Trips Can Be Dangerous!

Noah's Kindergarten class and their 8th Grade Buddies took a field trip yesterday. They started off visiting the Quincy Museum and then had lunch at Cassano's. Afterwards they went to WalMart with the money they collected and bought things for the women and children at Quanada. Then they took the items over there and donated them. Apparently Noah had a little problem with his sweater at Walmart but when asked how it happened, he "forgot". Come to find out later that night that a string had started to unravel and he kept pulling on it. This is what his sweater looked like when he came home from school. I was laughing so hard, I had to take a picture. Note the long green thread hanging from the sweater.....that happens to be ripped up past his elbow!

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Aunt Cindy said...

Noah has an air of boredom about the whole thing....This is so darn funny...the fact he went through part of the day with a floppy sleeve. It was nice of the class to do something for others at Christmas though. I am sure Quanada was very appreciative.