Monday, August 1, 2011

Noah & Baseball

Sometimes I laugh at how clever I am with blog post titles. Ha!

Another season of baseball has come to a close. I've never been a baseball fan, it bores me silly. I'm also thankful that only one of my boys plays. I will have to say, though, that this has been the most fun season for me to watch.

This year is the first year they are old enough to start pitching on their own instead of the coaches doing it. Midway through the season they were also able to start stealing bases. It has been fun seeing them grow from little t-ball players to real baseball players. Of course seeing them in their official baseball uniforms was pretty darn cute. First year of wearing a cup=lots of laughs. Just sayin'. I have a strange sense of humor.
Cutest little baseball player. This kid has a smile that melts my heart.
Noah says one of his favorite things about playing baseball is having his dad as his coach. To say that made Todd's day is an understatement.

Here is a picture of that coach and his son. Priceless!


Kat said...

Oh my gosh. Seriously. The cutest little baseball player ever! LOVE that he loves having his daddy coach so much. So sweet. :)

Mom said...

No wonder the girls are flocking around Noah-glad he does enjoy having Dad Coach, and will listen to Coach Dad.