Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Vacation

I'm finally catching my breath from returning from vacation and having to get caught up once again with everything--laundry, groceries, work, baseball, scouts, VBS, volleyball......whew, I just may need another vacation. Unfortunately, school starts 3 weeks from today. Say wha???? Yes, we like to start school in the middle of August when it's hot and miserable and the kids would rather be at the pool.

So, I've been busy enjoying my summer and have been a bad bloggy girl. I have a list of posts to post, so that is my goal for the upcoming week. Hold me to it, will ya? But before going too far back in time, I've been anxious to get my vacation pictures up. I got a little picture crazy but then still think of things and places that I wished I had photographed.

We headed up to Sheboygan, WI to stay at Blue Harbor Resort on Lake Michigan. We had wanted to go to a beach this summer but didn't have the time or desire to drive to an ocean or the gulf. My friend Kathryn, from Seeking Sanity, posts such beautiful pictures of the Lake so I asked her where she lived and she suggested this place to us. This girl deserves some compensation or something because it was perfect!

This is where we checked in at the resort......they had me at "turret". Seriously, would love to build one on my house.

Our view of the resort from the beach.

I got to meet Kathryn and her 4 adorable kiddos! I started reading her blog long, long ago. We both had hubbies named Todd, 3 boys, our kids went to Catholic schools, and I found that she had a lot of the same thoughts and feelings as I did. If we lived closer, I could totally hang with her. I was so excited, and a little nervous. I was afraid my shyness would get the best of me or that one of my boys would do something really embarrassing. (they are good for that you know!) But from the second I called her on the phone, she was so easy to talk to and so adorable!

We managed to capture all 7, (yes, 7!) of our kids in a picture. They had a blast digging for treasure, playing on the boogie boards, playing in the sand, catching fish with their buckets, and burying dead fish. (don't ask, lol, it must be a boy thing)

After extensive research, we have come to find that this is the only way to keep Aiden still.

The waves weren't as big as they would have liked that day but they still gave those boogie boards a workout.

Our resort had an indoor waterpark too--7 waterslides, lazy river, and other water fun. We had a blast. The two slides that you rode down on a tube on were so fast and fun. The double tubes were the best, I got to ride down with my boys, my hubby, and even got my mother in law to go down with me!

These lily pads were a hit with ALL of my boys. You had to get across using the ropes above it but my boys like to do things the hard way, and would try to get across hopping from one to the other, they move around a lot so it was tricky, but it didn't stop them.

Go Daddy, Go Daddy

There was a putt putt course within walking distance so we took a stroll over and played and stopped in an ice cream place close by on the way back for a late night snack. Peanut butter cup, my love, I miss you.

This little turkey was the only one to get a hole in one that night!!

We had lunch outside of Brisco County Wood Grill our last day there. It was such a gorgeous day, the temperature was perfect, and what a view!

We were at a strip mall in Kohler, WI and there must have been a sand sculpture competition. I took a couple of shots of the winners, both guys were from IL. This is a scene from Pinnochio! Amazing isn't it?

We were so excited that they had a Target! Yes, our small town roots are showing. While us girls hit Pier 1 and Michaels nearby, the boys had a little fun. Or should I say, they had a "ball" at Target!

One of Aiden's guilty pleasures on the trip. Only took 2 days to eat.

At night, they have a bonfire on the beach at the resort and you can come down to make s'mores and play. Drew was feeling sick that night so I stayed back with him and the rest went down. They ate s'mores, hula hooped, and played some other games. This was the view from the walkway between the lake and the resort at night. Gorgeous huh?

Our last day we headed to the beach again. It was really crowded that day despite all of the heavy fog. It was so funny watching it fade and come back and literally seeing whisps of it go right by you. The water was a bit warmer that day which was good because it was a cooler day.

We rented a long board and paddle for everyone to try. Todd, Scott, Drew, and Noah all did it and had a lot of fun.

Drew was a natural on it. He hopped on like he'd been doing it forever while we got some good laughable video of Todd and Scott falling off. :)

One of the many gorgeous views from the beach on the other side of the resort. It was beautiful here, with parks and playgrounds. We had so much fun.
We took a family picture on the beach. (and unfortunately our only)

I managed to snap a quick picture of the boys on the playground with the lake in the background.

It was a very relaxing trip, but it went by very quickly. I'd love to head up there again someday.


Mom said...

Gorgeous place-glad you had such a great time!

Condos Puerto Vallarta said...

If God Bless me, I will definitely enjoy a vacation like this.

Aunt Cindy said...

What an amazing place...I say The Bozarth's should invade one year...close by, and that resort won't know what hit them!

I can't believe school will be starting so soon...If you ask me the kids wouldn't start until after Labor Day, and all those 'nonsense' holidays would be deleted so they could still get out of school earlier in May...but then they aren't asking me, are they?