Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Water Fun

We've definitely had a lot of fun in the water this summer. Here are just a few of our water adventures!

Out at my Dad's cabin, someone had put a rope swing down by the lake. The boys were dying to try it. I was a little nervous about it, but once again, Todd and the boys talked me into it. (God thought He was being funny when he sent this little ole chicken 3 fearless boys!)
I needn't have worried, the boys had a blast and no one fell off and tumbled down the hill like I thought they would. (If you could only imagine the scary thoughts that run through my brain)

Aiden flying off on his first turn.
Noah going in for the landing.
Drew flying through the air.

Todd actually went first to show the boys how its done. I just stood on the landing and took pictures---I was worried my upper arm strength wouldn't be enough to make it to the water. lol
Another day we headed out to the ole Mississippi River with Todd's parents and their boat. The boys love getting out on the skis and tube. Are you noticing a theme with daredevil stunts??
Drew popped right out of the water like he's been skiing for ages, even though he hadn't done it since last summer.
Then Drew and Todd decided to ski together. This picture just warmed my heart. I know they both really enjoyed this moment.
Aiden stood on the front of Todd's skis so he could feel what it would be like to ski. We didnt have skis small enough for Noah and Aiden's feet but since then Todd's parents borrowed some kids skis so when we head up on the river this Friday, Noah can give it a try!
I love this look on Aiden's face--what an adrenaline junkie.
Then we broke out the tube.
I just love the sweet smile on Noah's face. He was loving it and kept asking to go faster.

Drew always asks for waves, he likes it fast and bumpy. How he can hang on is beyond me.
Aiden usually rides with Todd but his arms were getting tired, so big brother Drew offered to take Aiden in the tube. They looked so cute out there together.
One of our favorite places is Bob Mays Park. The playground is nice but my boys like the running/biking trail and the creek. One hot day the 5 of us took a creek walk from our usual spot all the way down to where the trail ends.
We found a lot of "treasures" along the way.

We saw frogs, fish, bugs, minnows and quite a few crawdads. We even found these two baby crawdads. I think all babies are cute but really, these didn't do anything for me. :)

The best thing we found on our walk that day was a $5 bill floating in the creek. No lie. The boys argued over who got it but since Todd found it, he tucked it in his pocket. He planned on using it for treats at the St Anthony picnic that night.

We've done so many things involving water this summer. It's been a hot one so that's about the only way we can stand being outside. Hoping for a few more pool days this week and one more day on the river before school starts. Summer flew by way too quickly once again!


dianna said...

LOVED seeing these pictures Kel*!*

Mom said...

With all this heat-water is the only place to be! You all really have had some fun water days! and what fearless boys you have!

Aunt Cindy said...

You guys make this miserable hot summer lots of fun---Glad you've found so many ways to stay cool! Cody is in love with that rope swing at Almost Heaven!

Kat said...

Nothing better than a day on the water. It looks like you have been having a summer every boy dreams of. It looks perfect! :)