Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kayak Fever

We are loving the kayaks that Todd built. Summer with them will be fun. We had a couple of more opportunities to try them out lately. The week of 1st Communion, Noah invited his whole class over along with a few of their siblings over to Grandpa and Grandma Klauser's house. The kids had a BALL! They fished, kayaked, rode the paddle boat, jumped on the trampoline, and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on the beach. It was a wonderful night. Drew is already planning a day this summer to have his friends out.

Grace and Mandy take a small break after their turn on the kayak.
The girls had no problems touching the fish OR the worms. Can't say the same for all of the boys!! LOL
The kids all had some good luck catching fish.
Ian was a kayak addict. I think he could have rowed all night.

The paddle boat was a hit too.
On Mother's Day we took the kayaks out again and this time I got to take a turn as well as Grandma Tunie and Grandpa Ken. Uncle Scott was a big ole wuss and wouldn't get in one. We need to work on him.

Drew takes Grandma on a ride while Grandpa take a solo run.
Me and Aiden take a ride. I was amazed at how relaxing and comfortable it was. I got to take a turn by myself and I could have paddled around all night. You definitely feel it in your arms least you do if you're out of shape like me!
Drew and Grandma Tunie.

Noah and Drew take a spin around the lake.

With gorgeous weather in the forecast, we are heading out to my Dad's cabin to spend the whole day doing a little bit of everything. I can guarantee there will be some kayaking!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This And That

The end of the school year is always a hectic time so blogging had been put on the backburner. I have so many pictures to share from various things though so bear with me, this may be a long post! :)

Today was Aiden's last day of school and for the last hour of the day, the parents were invited in for snack time. We were also surprised with a little "show" from the kiddos singing and dancing to a few of their favorite songs. It was so cute. 2 of the kids were missing today so it was a small group. This was a song about a butterfly.

This picture just cracks me up. The expression on Aiden's face makes me laugh and I love how MJ is midair. One year of preschool over, one more to go. My baby is growing up. He has his first school picnic tomorrow and is excited to have me there all morning with him as well as getting to see his big brothers there.

Aiden and I were looking at pictures of him when he was a baby and he was asking me various questions as we went along. Out of the blue he asks, "What did I eat as a baby?" I told him he drank mommy milk. He then asked where the mommy milk came from and I told him. He started laughing hysterically and said "Ohhhh, Mom, that's gross!" You weren't saying that 4 years ago kiddo! Not even a minute later he's asking if you can have some now. Uh, not gonna happen buddy.


Me and some of my girlfriends out on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. We hit The Blind Pig and then karaoke at State Street Bar and Grill. A good night.
A few weeks ago we competed in the Bridge The Gap race. Todd ran a half marathon, Drew ran a 5k, and Noah and I walked a 5k.
Here's Todd with his medal wearing boys! Jackie Joyner Kersee was there to hand out the medals at the finish line. It was so neat to have an Olympic medalist put a medal on little ole me. This picture would be really good......if it wasn't all blurred. Autofocus, you let me down.
The cousins after they all finished their various races. These photos speak a lie also. It may look sunny and nice but it was cold and windy and was overcast all morning until this point. Brrrrr!! The wind on the bridges is even worse.

Me and my Noah after we crossed the finish line.
A few days after Noah's first communion, the whole school had mass at St Anthony's and the 2nd graders did the mass and got to wear their 1st Communion clothes again and have their 1st Communion for the 2nd time. I got a few different pictures.

Noah and his teacher, Mrs Lammers
The 3 Beautiful Girls, they look so angelic even though they have to deal with 8 boys everyday.
The Dudes

Love this picture.

Noah reading at the beginning of Mass.
They sang a song at the end of mass that is so beautiful. If I can figure out how to take it off of the camcorder, I will post it. It was so good and made me cry both times I heard them sing it. They had the hand motions to go with it.
Another post to come on Saturday!! I might just get caught up on my pictures yet!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gerbil Casserole Anyone?

My husband decided to be nice and clean out the gerbil cage for Drew while he was gone. Normally Drew puts them in a Rubbermaid tote to run around in while he empties it out. Todd wanted something with a lid on it to keep the cats from getting to them. Why he picked one of my casserole dishes, I'll never know. But those who know my husband probably aren't very suprised by this! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aiden and Cousins Play Soccer

Aiden is loving soccer this year. It might have something to do with the fact that his Uncle Matt is his coach and he has his cousins' Ty, Hunter, and Carter on his team. I haven't gotten any pics of him by himself yet but he had team pictures the other day so I'm anxious to see how that one of him turned out. I tried my best to capture some pictures at his last game but those 3 and 4 year olds move around so fast, it's hard!!

Here are Hunter and Aiden conversing before the game.
Uncle Matt talking to Aiden, Ty, and Hunter. Probably coming up with a game plan I'm sure. :)

Aiden (with the yellow ball) going in to score his goal!

He's done a great job this year of going after the ball and dribbling it down the field.

Aiden and Ty are talking strageties.
An attempt at a team picture. I was laughing so hard. Carter kept putting his hands up (he has them by his ears in this picture), the little girl in the front kept putting her hands up her shorts, and the Carter would take off running. It was comical, but was also stressing me out. I felt sorry for the photographer!
Only 3 games left in the season, I'll be sad when it's over. It's so cute to watch and Aiden is getting so much more out of it this year than he did last year.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Being A Mom:

These 3 boys have given me the best mother's day gift of all....the gift of themselves. Today has been absolutely amazing. They have each touched my heart in so many ways today. Pictures will come of all the treasures they have made for me. My hubby and boys treat me so well and I am so blessed. Being the only female in the house certainly has its perks!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom who has done so much for me over the years and not only still does but does so much for her grandkids. Thanks for always being there. Love you!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Noah's 1st Communion

Yesterday was Noah's 1st Communion. He was so excited for this day to come. He got all dressed up yesterday and Daddy put on his tie. When he walked in my bedroom and I got my first glimpse of him. I know it sounds corny, but I stopped breathing for a few seconds and my eyes got all misty. He was so beautiful and handsome. When did he grow up so fast??? The mass was absolutely beautiful from the music to the children to all the things the kids did through the mass. It was so very special. I wanted to share a few pictures from his special day.

Here Noah is entering the church in procession

My sweet boy
Noah reading his petitions.

The group sang a song that just melted my heart. It was beautiful. I'm glad we have it on video.
The entire group.
He just looks so angelic here, my sweet little guy.
What a handsome dude. He looks so grown up
I really hope someone else in my family got a better picture of this shot. Todd and I look scary but really, we are very proud, happy parents.
Noah with his Godparents---Aunt Beth and Uncle Matt. Aren't they an adorable trio?

Another one of those pictures that I hope someone else in my family got a better shot of. Todd looks pissed, I've got bad hair goin' on, and Aiden looks like he's clinging to me for dear life. LOL
That's the statue of St Anthony hanging out in the background.
Noah opening his St Matthew medal from mom and dad.
Love the excitement on his face.

On Weds, the kids have a school mass and the 2nd graders get to wear their 1st Communion clothes and do the mass again. Afterwards, the 2nd graders and their parents get to have breakfast together. It will be such a special morning. Todd and I both arranged to get off work to go and are so excited. I know I will have more pictures that day because we get to take some class pictures and I forgot to get one of Noah with his teacher. I'm also going to try for another one of us and Noah.
I'm so proud of my big guy!
(If any of my family has a shot of Noah receiving his first communion could you please send it to me?? I'd love to add it in)