Monday, May 3, 2010

Noah's 1st Communion

Yesterday was Noah's 1st Communion. He was so excited for this day to come. He got all dressed up yesterday and Daddy put on his tie. When he walked in my bedroom and I got my first glimpse of him. I know it sounds corny, but I stopped breathing for a few seconds and my eyes got all misty. He was so beautiful and handsome. When did he grow up so fast??? The mass was absolutely beautiful from the music to the children to all the things the kids did through the mass. It was so very special. I wanted to share a few pictures from his special day.

Here Noah is entering the church in procession

My sweet boy
Noah reading his petitions.

The group sang a song that just melted my heart. It was beautiful. I'm glad we have it on video.
The entire group.
He just looks so angelic here, my sweet little guy.
What a handsome dude. He looks so grown up
I really hope someone else in my family got a better picture of this shot. Todd and I look scary but really, we are very proud, happy parents.
Noah with his Godparents---Aunt Beth and Uncle Matt. Aren't they an adorable trio?

Another one of those pictures that I hope someone else in my family got a better shot of. Todd looks pissed, I've got bad hair goin' on, and Aiden looks like he's clinging to me for dear life. LOL
That's the statue of St Anthony hanging out in the background.
Noah opening his St Matthew medal from mom and dad.
Love the excitement on his face.

On Weds, the kids have a school mass and the 2nd graders get to wear their 1st Communion clothes and do the mass again. Afterwards, the 2nd graders and their parents get to have breakfast together. It will be such a special morning. Todd and I both arranged to get off work to go and are so excited. I know I will have more pictures that day because we get to take some class pictures and I forgot to get one of Noah with his teacher. I'm also going to try for another one of us and Noah.
I'm so proud of my big guy!
(If any of my family has a shot of Noah receiving his first communion could you please send it to me?? I'd love to add it in)


Beth said...

I was just posting some pics. I do have him getting both bread & wine so I'll pass those along this evening.

So proud of you Noah!

Grandma said...

Noah-what a day! You were so grown up looking in that shirt/tie....and did your readings so well. I love your smile and enthusiasm throughout the day...a special day indeed

Grandma Tunie said...

You are growing up into a fine young man. You are a joy and you are a grandson to be proud of. You did a great job reading in church. You looked so grown up.

Grandma Tunie

Aunt Cindy said...

Congratulation to Noah on such a big step in his religious life. He really looks so grown up and handsome, and I know he will remember this day for the rest of his life. I'm glad the day was so special for all of you, especially Noah!

Stimey said...

Congratulations to Noah!

Dianna said...

You looked SOOO handsome on your special day! Congratulations Noah...SO proud of you : )