Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kayak Fever

We are loving the kayaks that Todd built. Summer with them will be fun. We had a couple of more opportunities to try them out lately. The week of 1st Communion, Noah invited his whole class over along with a few of their siblings over to Grandpa and Grandma Klauser's house. The kids had a BALL! They fished, kayaked, rode the paddle boat, jumped on the trampoline, and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on the beach. It was a wonderful night. Drew is already planning a day this summer to have his friends out.

Grace and Mandy take a small break after their turn on the kayak.
The girls had no problems touching the fish OR the worms. Can't say the same for all of the boys!! LOL
The kids all had some good luck catching fish.
Ian was a kayak addict. I think he could have rowed all night.

The paddle boat was a hit too.
On Mother's Day we took the kayaks out again and this time I got to take a turn as well as Grandma Tunie and Grandpa Ken. Uncle Scott was a big ole wuss and wouldn't get in one. We need to work on him.

Drew takes Grandma on a ride while Grandpa take a solo run.
Me and Aiden take a ride. I was amazed at how relaxing and comfortable it was. I got to take a turn by myself and I could have paddled around all night. You definitely feel it in your arms least you do if you're out of shape like me!
Drew and Grandma Tunie.

Noah and Drew take a spin around the lake.

With gorgeous weather in the forecast, we are heading out to my Dad's cabin to spend the whole day doing a little bit of everything. I can guarantee there will be some kayaking!!!


Deb said...

Great pictures Kelly...looks very peaceful! :)

Mom said...

those kayaks are amazing-I am impressed with the work Todd did on them...and did the boys enjoy riding!

Kat said...

Now that is a GREAT way to wear the kiddos out. ;)
I can't believe he MADE those kayaks. They are awesome!
It looks like so much fun!

Dianna said...

You guys are going to wear those things OUT this summer! I can imagine that your summer is going to be TONS of fun! I SO wish we could all come up again!

Where are the cabin pics?!?

Jill Wellington said...

Hi Kelly,

I am Dianna's friend and am finally checking out your blog. Your three boys are ADORABLE. I loved the pics in the blog before this with three girls and eight boys in the class. The boys look very angelic..;)

Your husband MADE those kayaks? WOW..they look like fun.

I will enjoy checking back here!

Aunt Cindy said...

looks like tons of fun Kelly....I LOVE the Lime Green one!!! Todd did an amazing job and it is something you can all enjoy doing together---What wonderful memories you will be making this summer!

Amy said...

Love these pics, look like you had lots of fun! I'm in the market for kayaks now that we live on the water...think Todd could make us some..LOL