Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Colorado Favorites

So many Colorado shots, I thnk I captured a lot of the wonderful memories we made there a well as some of the beautiful views. I'm posting some of my favorites today in random order and will post some more tomorrow. These are all some of my favorite people shots and I'll save scenic shots for another day. :) For those of you that haven't already heard, there were 30 of us family members what went to Estes Park. We go every few years or so.I think I figured this was my 7th trip but only 3rd for Todd and the boys.

Boys doing the Captain Morgan pose. So wrong but so funny.
Drew took this shot of Todd and I right after I gave him a new wedding ring for our 15th anniversary. He lost his back in November so figured chances of it turning up again were slim. :) This is at the Alluvial Fan, always one of my favorite spots in the Rockies.

Me and my Uncle Joe. This was taken on a hike up to Dream new favorite spot!
The boys in front of Chasm Falls. I love Aidens' eyes in this picture. It looks like he's cooking up something no good.
A family shot at the Alluvial Fan.


Me and my Godson/Nephew Ty. I love this picture of him and I. He has the cutest smiles.
My mom, dad, and two brothers and I. I love this shot because it is rare to get one with just the 5 of us. Oh, and Nate really isn't that tall. I think he's standin on a rock. lol
Daddy and his boys.

Aiden wanted his picture with his cousin Ellie. This is such a cute picture and the wind picked up with the storm that was coming which just added to the cuteness.
The boys again. They were such good sports about posing for us.
I just love Aiden's pose here.
Last time we were here 3 years ago I got a picture of Blake and Noah sitting at this same place holding hands. They wanted to recreate the picture.
Cousins and buddies.
Todd had the boys howling at the moon.
More pictures coming tomorrow.......for real this time!


Kat said...

Those are beautiful photos! The one of you and the hubs HAS to be framed. And the family photo! And the boys. Oh my gosh, they are all fabulous! I love the Captain shot and the howling at the moon. So funny! :)

kristi said...

Wow these are gorgeous!

Mom said...

I cant believe how good the boys were for getting their pictures taken.....good smiles all way round

Stimey said...

Fantastic photos! I am amazed at how well your kids will be good for photos. Good for them!