Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Panoramic View of Colorado

Shortly before our trip to Colorado, Todd figured out how to use our panoramic feature on our camera. These are some of the shots he took with it. I'm going to get a few of the really beautiful ones developed and framed for the basement.

This is an example of one that did not turn out. You basically take 3 pictures and it shows you where to overlap when you take them. Then it "stitches" them together to make one shot. Not sure if the lighting changed during the process or what but you can kind of see how it puts it together.

This last one I'm pretty sure is due to the clouds moving so much. I think Todd took his on his Hallet's Peak hike.

MANY more vacation pictures to come. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get up some of my favorite shots.


Kat said...

Beautiful shots! And your new header picture is GORGEOUS!!! :)

cindy said...

Always enjoy new shots of Colorado Vacations. Eric loves taking panoramics too, and Todd's turned out great.

Dianna said...

Oh good Lordy...I LOVE them!

Mom said...

Those panoramic views are amazing...He did a great job

Michele R said...

Love the photos! Please post more! We were there with our 3 boys June 5-7, 2009. There was still much snow on hike to Dream Lake and could only get ½ way to Emerald Lake because of it. Trial Ridge Road had 10 feet of snow on the side of the road but it was open at the top. The next day it closed for a couple days. We loved it and hope to go back one day.