Monday, August 23, 2010

Aiden's First Day of School

Today Aiden finally had his first day of school. It was hard for him to see his big brothers go off to school last week and know he still had to wait to go himself. Today was the big day and he was so excited. He was ready to go long before me!

I managed to get a picture of him with his big brothers before they left for school.

When we got to school, he hung up his bag, turned his name around to show he was here and found his name at the table. He went right to work drawing some pretty flowers for me and chatted with his friend Gabe. They share a love of Transformers and other action figures.

I snapped a pic on the way into his classroom also. My baby is such a big guy now.

3 mornings per week to myself. Oh what will I do?? :)
I'm excited to pick him up though and hear all about his first day!


Mom said...

I am sure Aiden was even more excited to be with his friends than you were to be alone! So glad all these grandkids love school and do so well

Jill and Todd said...

I love first days of school. I love seeing their excitement over all the new stuff going on around them. I still enjoy the 1st days of school each year as they enter new classrooms and see which friends are still with them from last year.