Monday, February 15, 2010

Words Spoken On Valentine's Day

It's no secret that I think Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday. I think we should be showing and telling the people that we love all year long. But anyway, I do enjoy doing some special things on that day and appreciating those that I do have in my life. Yesterday my 4 guys made me feel special as always. Todd made us an amazing dinner and gave me a nice back rub as I tweaked the same bad spot by my shoulder again. The boys were so sweet and loving. We enjoyed exchanging Valentine's with our family.

Here were some of my favorite words spoken yesterday.

1. Three different times Aiden came up and gave me the sweetest hugs and kisses and said "Mom, will you be my Valentine?"

2. Drew gave me numerous hugs and told me he loved me yesterday. He also asked to snuggle with me on the couch and climbed under the blanket with me and we chatted. See, he's not to old for mommy.....yet.

3. Probably my favorite of the we were tucking the boys into bed, Noah, sounding very confused, says "You mean Today was Valentine's day?" God love him.

What would I do without these sweet loving guys in my life??? They always make me feel loved and fill my life with laughs.


Deb said...

I agree that we should all be telling the ones we love ... every day how much we love them. But, hey, it's always nice to give and receive little gifts too! :)

Glad you had a nice day!

Mom said...

Noah already has the makings of a GREAT man......your boys are just too cute (and funny)

Aunt Cindy said...

I've always felt that way about Valentines Day too Kelly, but then I realized Joe does treat me like his Valentine all year long, so I am glad to celebrate a special day too....and for those of you dead beats that ONLY treat your loves special on ONE DAY...shame on you!!! My mama loved Valentines Day and I think as I get older it means more to me thank that Special Godson of mine for the wonderful phone call that ended in I love you....NOW that is a Valentine to treasure.

Kat said...

Haha! That is so precious. I love that, "today was Valentine's Day?" hehehe!

We made Valentine's Day all about the kiddos yesterday. When they woke up they have little Valentine's waiting for them on the table. They were so surprised and excited you'd have thought we had taken them to Disney World. They were SO SWEET all day. It was a very nice Valentine's Day even though we didn't really DO anything. ;)

Beth said...

So sweet. Love Noah's confusion. He makes me smile.