Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our River Adventures

Yesterday we went out on the river with Todd's parents for the first time in years. The boys had an absolute blast. They got to try tubing, skiing, and we parked up at Hogback so they could get out of the boat for a bit and play in the sand. It was perfect weather and so relaxing. We finished off the day with a late pizza dinner at Talayna's. They have the most awesome pizza! As usual I took a ton of pictures. I had to capture all of these "firsts" plus I'm seeing all too well how quickly my boys are growing lately. I wish I could slow time down a bit.

Drew got to drive the boat for awhile by himself. I think he felt really big and he did a great job of following the rules of the river.
I just love this picture because I like how Noah and Aiden's hair is blowing. So cute.
Drew took the first turn on the tube. He must have awesome arm muscles because he rode a lot yesterday and said his arms weren't sore at all today.

The boys learned the hand signals quickly. Thumb up---faster. Thumb down----slower. Cut at the neck (how else do I describe it?)----stop. And if you fall off, you wave your arm to let us know you are ok. The boys were so good with it. As you can see here, Drew is giving the thumb up. He did that all day. He was going pretty fast and Grandpa was giving him some good waves and bumps but my adrenaline junky wanted more. We told him we had to stay safe.
Noah and Daddy getting ready to tube. Noah was scared to try it and wanted Dad to ride with him. He's a little timid like me so I was proud of him for trying it anyway. He ended up LOVING it. A couple of times Todd said when they rode over a wave Noah shouted "Alleluiah". That cracked me up.
Riding outside the wake.
Aiden getting ready to take a turn. He really wasn't too sure about it.
Aiden giving the thumbs up to go faster, he's slowly getting into it. Afterwards he said it was fun but scary. He didn't take any more turns after that. LOL He's never scared of anything so it kind of surprised me.
The money shot of the day. How cute is Noah???
Dad talking Drew through what he needs to do to ski. He's getting ready to give it a go.
1st Try!!! Almost made it!
3rd Try!! So close again! Drew is very determined and will do something over and over again until he succeeds. He didn't make it up and stay up but he tried about 5 times. I think he was a bit discouraged but we told him how great he did for his age and for his first time. I was so proud of him!
Todd took a turn. It had been years since he skiied and I think he was enjoying it. He put on a little show for the boys. I'm just glad his back was feeling good enough to do it.

Noah is still a bit too small to ski but Todd put him on his skis and took him for a ride. Noah wasn't too sure about that either but as you can see by his face, he loved it!
Not the best picture of me but this was a sweet moment. I had been holding Noah in my lap trying to warm him up. He got up and went to ride in the front of the boat. Aiden says to me "Don't worry, I'll hug you my sweet princess" and then climbed up in my lap and cuddled me. I was laughing because I don't know where the sweet princess came from but was also so touched. That kid knows how to melt me, that's for sure.


Dianna said...

HOW FUN*!* I love how fearless Drew is being lately...must make Mom proud!
Your boys are getting so big Kel, I can hardly wait to see them...6 days*!*

Mom said...

What fun for those guys-they are growing up so fast! And glad to see they got their no-fear of the water from Todd.....Dianna , looking forward to your visit next week!

Aunt Jan said...

Really enjoyed the pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time. I used to love going on the river.

Kat said...

Wow! What a fun day!

We just sold our boat (after having it only a year-go figure!) because with the baby coming we won't really be able to use it much and the less bills we have the better, ya know? The boys were really sad. And now after this post I'm kinda sad too. Maybe we'll have one again someday.

Great job on the pics! :)

Beth said...

What a great day for you guys! I don't know if I could make myself get into the river anymore, but those boys sure looked cool! Drew will be skiing like a pro before long.

Deb said...

What a fun day! I used to go to the river with friends when we lived in Ursa...many moons ago. Also went to Hogback Island... and skiied like a pro. Haven't tried to water ski in probably 15 years. Once you get used to snow is harder to water ski.

Great pictures and so glad that you all had the chance to experience the river. ;-)

Controlling My Chaos said...

That looks like so much fun.