Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Call Him Bear Grylls

For quite awhile now Drew has been wanting to go out in the woods and "rough it" make a tent out of sticks, eat only what you catch kind of roughing it. Since he was such a big help when Todd was out of town, he told Drew he would take him out to Grandpa's cabin and do just that last night. Drew pored over a couple different books, got his ideas, spent days packing his gear and was ready to go yesterday. He was convinced he could do it all without Todd's help. Well, this kid blew me away with all that he did. I have a million pictures and I tried to narrow it down to tell the story, but I apologize, there are still a lot of pictures. I'm just so proud of him.

They found a spot in the woods to set up camp. Drew started building his tent with string and a skinny log.

He pulled out the black plastic bags for the floor and part of the roof.

He added the branches.
He then topped it off with leaves.....and voila, one tent just for Drew.
Look how proud he is, I just love that smile.
Then it was time to search for food. First stop, blackberry picking.

Mmmm, right off of the vine.

Drew enjoying a big juicy one.
Todd took this beautiful picture of some beetles. After he told me the other night that him and Drew might try a few bugs, I felt the dry heaves coming on when I saw this picture. Luckily Todd told me not to worry, he was just taking a picture of them

Next, some fishing on the lake.

Time to cool off by taking a Gator ride. They called it "Gator Air"
Drew got to do all of the driving which I'm sure made him feel like a stud.

Drew cut down some of the long grasses to put under his plastic floor to make cushioning to sleep on. Pretty ingenius I thought!

Digging out his own fire ring.

Whittling his own stick to roast a hot dog. (they decided not to eat the two fish they caught)

The beginnings of the fire that he started with his flint and steel and some dryer lint.

Drew the fire master!

Time For Bed!
Drew wanted to stay in the woods all night by himself and have Todd go back to the cabin. Todd was smart enough to know that I would have killed him had he done that. He walked back to the cabin until Drew fell asleep and then came back and put his sleeping bag next to his tent and then woke up early enough to walk back to the cabin before Drew woke. Drew felt so big waking up and walking back to the cabin himself.

Todd had forgotton to close the shed doors during the night so when he went to park the gator in there the next morning.....THREE of these furry friends were hanging out. They had a time trying to get them out of there! He is pretty darn cute though isn't he???

They celebrated with breakfast at The Coach House before coming home. Drew was just all aglow over his time at the cabin and has thanked Todd numerous times for taking him to do this. I think Drew learned a lot about himself and what he is capable of if he puts his mind to it and I loved to see the pride in himself and his appreciation to his dad. A night well spent!!


Dianna said...

That is AWESOME!!!
Way to go Drew!!! And way to go know Drew's self confidence is through the roof because of his Daddy's little *trick*. What a wonderful experience for both of them...Drew will NEVER forget that. Way to go boys*!*

(I'm thinking those beetles were needing some privacy...I guess they really didn't mind since they obviously brought a friend along.)

Anonymous said...

WOW Drew,I'm proud of you. I never did this ever, when I was young I was scared of the dark. Now I'm just scared of Grandma. How many Racoons slept with you.

Uncle Matt said...

Nothing better than being outdoors and sleeping in the woods...although July is not my favorite month:)

Way to go Drew!
Siloam Springs has a Hike In campground back in the woods...once Blake and Ty are ready we will need to all give this a try.

How many Tics and Skeeter bites?

Beth said...

Way to go Drewdles! I'm proud of you!

BTW- Those "pretty" beetles...we just paid good money for Frese's to come spray them off our trees for the second year straight:)

Mom said...

Way to go Drew....what an amazing job! I am just glad it didnt rain and really change the plans. Those raccoons are too cute.....maybe they are just late for nate's party

Deb said...

Awesome post Kelly. Drew is truly growing up! Nothing like the great outdoors...

We had a momma coon and three babies under our hackberry tree last night. Jeff went out and scared them into the tree...then he teased them with a huge, powerful light.

Jessica said...

Holy stinking moly. That is so amazing Drew! You are such a rockstar....I can't believe you did all of that on your own. I know grown men who wouldn't do that! Maybe someday you will be a world famous adventurer!

Stimey said...

Very cool! Impressive job on the tent! (And everything else.)

Kat said...

WOW! That is just awesome! What an absolutely cool kid!!!!
Great job, Drew!!!