Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!!

We started our celebrating early with a cookout at my Aunt Janet and Uncle Tim's house last night on the 3rd. It's become a family tradition now to go over there to eat and shoot fireworks and we look forward to it every year. The darn rain came through a couple of times but we didn't let it spoil our fun. We caught a few pictures of the evening.

Noah, Drew and Aiden posing in their firecracker t-shirts we made at the library on Thursday.
A family get together isn't complete without some Red Rover and Lemonade.

A bunch of the cousins gathered on the blanket to watch Great Aunt Janet shoot off her famous "fire balloons".

Here's one all folded up and lit. She's waving goodbye b/c there is a picture of my Aunt Jane on that newspaper and she's saying she's sending her into space.See the black fire ball rising up?? I love the look on my aunt's face....I think she enjoys it as much as the kids!!

Aiden and his sparklers. He was making a me a tad nervous with those!

Drew had to double his fun.
Noah looks like he was hypnotized by his.

My cousin Cody had a little too much fun with his Roman Candles. Him and my Dad did a great job of shooting off the fireworks.

It was a fun evening and we have more fun to be had today. Let's hope the rain stays away....

Happy 4th of July!!!


Aunt Cindy said...

Happy Fourth Everyone....what a great time at Jan and Tim's last night....Cody has a good time when he can make things go BOOM...such a guy thing!!! I meant to tell you how cute your boys tees were last night, so glad you posted a picture of them. Uncle Joe said at lunch what a great time he had playing Red Rover with the kids, but he is sure paying for it today, but he says it with a big smile, so I think the fun far outweighs the pain.

Mom said...

It was such fun-great food, great fireworks, and great company. I loved watching the "big boys" as well as the little kids with the games and fireworks......

Aunt Jan said...

Thankd for posting so many pictures. Not too often I can see myself sending up the fire balloons. We had a great time, glad you could all make it over.

Anonymous said...