Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Break

My dear blog, how I have neglected you. I have been busy and for some reason my blog was not a priority, what is wrong with me?? :) I've had blog block or something. So here I go, finally updated on our Easter break and hopefully will be back into the swing of things with my blog.

The Thursday before Easter, our party planner, known as Drew, planned a fun Easter party for his brothers and cousins. We ate lunch, did a craft, hit at a pinata....everyone got a swing, from youngest to oldest and Noah knocked it down.

We enjoyed some cookies and treats. Ty loved those Marshmallow Peeps.

Drew set up an egg hunt for them and they played some games. He planned an awesome party and I think the kids had fun.
On the Saturday before Easter Matt and Beth had a party at their house. We could only go for a bit because the big Klauser family get together was that night. Noah was a little under the weather so he missed it.

They had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Drew may not believe, but that sure didn't keep him from finding eggs!
Aiden found one of the eggs with his name on it!

All the kiddos.

Todd took Drew and Aiden to the Klauser easter and I stayed home with Noah. He really could have gone though. He had a headache and leg ache that morning and had about a 100 degree fever. I gave him tylenol and he rested and woke up fine and his fever never came back. How was I to know?? I thought for sure he was getting sick. Maybe it was just from the headache?? To make up for him missing the fun, we got McDonalds for supper and rented a movie so we enjoyed some special time together. I'm glad he was fine so we could all spend Easter day together.
Cousins Carter, Aiden, Hunter (Connor in the background).
They were all "Hangin' Tough" (sorry, had to throw a NKOTB reference in there) They had so much fun together.
Easter Morning.
I had bought coordinating shirts for al 4 of my guys but Drew had just gotten the suit jacket of his dreams (seriously, that's all the kid wanted) so he and Daddy dressed up for Easter mass.
Handsome dudes.
The 6 Grandkids at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Seriously, love these 6 kids more than anything in the world!
My 3 again. I kept trying that day for a good picture but have a lot of mediocre ones.

My gorgeous "flowers" from Blake,Ty and Ellie. They were made with cutouts of their hands. Beth always has the cutest ideas. These are the best flowers ever and they will never die on me.....they have a special spot on my dining room table.

I even had time for a bit of craftiness. These were just a couple of the projects I tackled. Todd helped me with the lamp. Ours was brass and tarnished nastiness. After looking around, I realized not only are lamps expensive, but so are shades. So we spray painted it black, cleaned the shade, and I found a black and cream ribbon to tie around it and voila, new lamp. I love it.

I made this shirt for my niece Ellie for Easter. I found the idea here. It was so easy and I'm ready to make some more!! I was scared to try the stitching so I added the buttons instead for a little embellishment.

I wish I had some pictures from last night. The 5 of us were outside jumping rope!! We had a nice long one and took turns jumping. We even got Aiden jumping and he though he was so big. He was also an awesome rope twirler. I enjoyed flashing back to my childhood days jumping to all the silly rhymes but let me tell you......after about 45 seconds I thought I'd pass out. I'm seriously out of shape people. Drew and Noah recited some of the songs from when I was young and had some new ones of their own that were pretty funny. Aiden wanted to join in so when Noah and I started jumping together, he started singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". That cracked me up. What a great way to end the day. (followed by American Idol of course.....Allison and Adam ROCKED!!!)


Mom said...

I also love the flowers from Ty, Ellie and Blake-I can enjoy them forever and Rascal wont try eating the leaves.It was a good Easter weekend-just flew by too surely the spring weather is coming....

Beth said...

Drew's party was SOOOO cute & you can tell he worked so hard planning it! The kids had a great time for sure.

The idea for the flowers was straight from Family Fun Magazine...I love that magazine! I just tweaked the directions a little to make it more kid friendly for all my diff. ages. Glad you liked them!

Cindy said...

Looks like the Klauser's had plenty of Easter fun this year!!!! I love the picture of the boys on the porched dressed for Mass...they really are handsome dudes...especially DRew in his new sport coat.

Kelly, you are getting to be the craft queen...I'm going to pick your brain for ideas for my kitchen. I want a few plaques with 'sayings' I love...maybe you can get me started in the right direction.

Dianna said...

Look how proud your party planner looked in his jacket...good Lord your boys are getting big.
LOVE the photo of the cousins, the shirt you MADE (holy cow woman!) and your bee-u-tee-ful flowers too*!*

(*Cinderella, dressed in yella, went downstairs to kiss her fella...*
*Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around. Teddy bear teddy bear, touch the ground...*)
Come on girl, we could SO still do it...used to for hours and hours and hours, remember...?

I SOOO miss you.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Sometimes you just need to take a blog break. Then when you come back you're better than ever.

Looking at that last comment, I think you need to do a post of all the jump rope rhymes you know. That would be a blast.

Jan said...

Loved the pictures, looks like you all had a great week-end.
And my favorite.....
I had a littel teddy bear his name was tiny tim
I put him in the bathtub to teach him how to swim...........

Deb said...

Love all the pics, Kelly.

Love the flowers you received too... What an AWESOME idea! ;-)

Spray paint ROCKS! It has transformed several household items for me...

You did a Great Job on Ellie's t-shirt too! Very sweet.

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