Sunday, April 26, 2009

Almost Heaven

There's a little place my family likes to frequent known as "Almost Heaven". Any good John Denver fan knows that is a line from one of his songs but "Almost Heaven" is also a cabin built by my dad on a lake and a lot of hunting ground. It was a dream of his that came true. Our family spends a lot of time out there....... it's our place to relax, have fun, and just get away from the city and enjoy the beauty of the countryside.We hadn't been out there much over the winter and when I saw how awesome the weather was going to be on Saturday, I got the family together out there for an incredible day! It really did feel like we were in heaven.

Saturday got up into the mid 80's....plenty warm enough to use the water blasters. The boys had so much fun cooling off in the water. I admit, when they complained of the water being too cold, I went in the cabin to fill the bucket up with warm water for them to shoot at each other. Pathetic, huh??
Aiden and Ty had fun hanging out upstairs in the cabin....their little "hideout".

These are some of the flowers my mom found out in the woods. She'd like to transplant some of these back at her house. Noah and I took a little excursion of our own on the Gator and went to take some pictures of these flowers........
and I got some really cute pictures of Noah, this being one of my favorite. He also took some of me but I couldn't bring myself to post them. Sorry, I was too scary looking.

The oldest cousin and the littlest cousin enjoyed hanging out together. Noah jumped in for a shot with them too.

Noah was thrilled to find a snail. It immediately took up residence in his bug habitat. Unfortunately the poor guy didn't make it until the next day.

Aiden caught his first fish of the year. He was pretty proud.....he has good to reason to be!

The view from the dock.
The weather was gorgeous. We cooked out on the campfire, took numerous Gator rides, went mushroom hunting, cooled off with water fights, did some fishing, and played hard all day. Then we all came back to our house for pizza and margaritas to finish off the day.

Aiden didn't make it too far on the half hour drive home before he was passed out. I think everyone was exhausted from all the fun. The boys are already planning our next trip out there and I for one am ready!


Jessica said...

Looks like it was a blast! I need to take Hailey & Danny out there sometime. Hailey and Noah would have a blast looking for "critters."

Deb said...

What a day! Lots of activities...sounds like 'almost heaven' to me too. So glad you all can enjoy each other and the beautiful place together! ;-)

Mom said...

It really was a perfect day-weatherwise and fun-wise. I am sorry I had to leave and head to work.....and miss the pizza and drinks! Although the hot dogs over the fire were a hit with me!

Weber said...

What a wonderful, wonderful day!

I liked looking at the pictures with trees in them. I forget that you guys are just strating spring there. Our woods are so full of leaves you can't see through now and we are in the heat of summer here. I do kind of miss IL.

Aunt Cindy said...

What a beautiful start to spring/summer, with water fights, gator rides, and fishing. You are all so blessed that your dad had such 'vision' to dream of a place like Almost Heaven and make it happen (and blessed to have a mom that made sure your dad had the money to fund it :-) We are all lucky that he was BORN to share his space too...and with 8 siblings, I think he knows a lot about sharing.

Dianna said...

Ahhhh Kel,
It does look like heaven to me. It's been SOO long since we've been out there...I don't think it was even finished! Can't wait to come up and have some fun with you all. (You-know-who hopes we can come up during hunting season so he can go out there with the guys!)
Thanks for the music....the memories almost always make me sniffle.

Controlling My Chaos said...

It looks like you had a great time.