Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Lost is Found

Fish-Dude is lost no more! I found him in Todd's side of the closet this morning. By the time I found my camera he had crawled over by my boots.

This is freakin' hysterical for 3 reasons:

1. Two night ago when he was first lost, I was lying in bed that night, unable to fall asleep and kept hearing a knocking noise. It sounded like turtle shell hitting wood. I got up and looked around the bedroom thinking he was crawling by the furniture. I decided maybe it was the air conditioner and went to bed.
2. That same night I had a dream that the cat found the turtle in Todd's side of the closet. I told Todd about that dream the next morning and asked him if he looked in his side of the closet really good since all of his shoes were just thrown haphazardly in there.
3. He said he looked really good in his closet. Now, I know how the man looks for things. God forbid you move anything around to look for something. I love him dearly but that's how he does it. My question is, was the turtle there all along?? We will never know. All I know is that I went in the bedroom to get the laundry and the cat was sitting there in front of Todd's closet looking at something. I about crapped when I peeked in and there was the turtle sitting there moving his head, looking around. I could just hear his little voice saying "What the hell took you so long?" I of course am a little creeped out that I had a dream about it and it came true that exact same way.
Now we can pack for for our trip tomorrow and not worry about this crazy missing turtle and wondering if we'd come home to a stinking turtle corpse. And Todd's mom, who is taking care of the cat for us, won't have to worry either. Fish-Dude is safely back in his tank and will hopefully remain there for awhile! What an adventure he had!


Abbie said...

Kelly that is freaking hilarious!! I'm SO glad you found him!

Aunt Cindy said...

Glad Fish-Dude is Found, and it is nice to see a picture of your other pet even if he had to get lost to get 'posted'.

Safe Travels, and xxoo for Dianna. Have fun

aunt jane said...

you always make me laugh so hard I could cry, thanks

Mom said...

NEVER send a man to look for anything....so happy the turtle is safe and back in the tank. Have a super vacation

Weber said...

Yeah! Glad you found him!

Have a great vacation.....where ya going again???