Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I miss my email!

We're vacationing in the Ozarks with Todd's family and are loving it!! I just can't access my email and it's making me crazy. I'm on my FIL's work laptop so it won't let you access most sites. Lucky for me, I can keep up on my blogs!! Aiden is napping right now, all the other males are out playing putt-putt (one thing I don't care for so don't mind hanging out here with a sleeping Aiden) and my MIL is snoring on the couch! LOL It's a peaceful afternoon. We went to Bridal Cave this morning and everyone enjoyed that. I have so many amazing pictures from this trip also. We'll be back Friday in time for Noah's last t-ball game so hopefully I'll be able to post this weekend. I have so many stories. Vacationing with this family is like the Griswold's times 3! Not that vacationing with my family is much saner! :)


Abbie said...

We are reminded of the Griswalds anytime our family does camping all together too. hahaha I can't wait to hear stories/see pictures!

Sandra Carvalho said...

LOL!I just can't wait to hear all those stories!And see the pics as well!
Take care girl and have a great time out there!

Weber said...

LOL! We quote the Griswalds all the time! How sad is that. Hee-hee.
Sounds like a blast though. Have fun! Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories.

Kathryn said...

Ha! I told my hubby the last time we went up north that we reminded me of the Griswalds. :)

Kellan said...

Sounds fun - have a great time! Kellan

Sandra Carvalho said...

Hey Kelly!Tkx for your sweet words!
Have a great weekend!