Saturday, June 11, 2011


Saturday Drew and Noah competed in the Tri-Jesus Triathlon. They've done this race in the past and have enjoyed it. This year Drew was in the older kids division (11-14) so he had to go twice the distances as Noah. I was a little worried since they didn't train at all this year but they both pulled it off without a problem. Noah is like a little turtle.....slow and steady. He doesn't feel any pressure to beat anyone, he just plows along at his pace. I'm so proud of both of them. I'm not even in good enough shape to do the kids tri much less the adult one!

Drew starting off on his swim--he had to swim 4 lengths of Wavering pool. He's become a much stronger swimmer in the past couple of years.

Noah starting off on his swim. He had to swim 2 lengths of the pool.

Drew's finished swimming and running out to his bike.

Noah has finished too and heading off for the bike portion.

Even though Drew had twice the bike ride, he swam at an earlier time than Noah so coincidentally they ended up finishing their bike portion together. I was excited to catch a shot with both.

They are heading up the last big hill and then will start their run.

Noah at the start of his run.

Drew at the start of his run.

Noah crosses the finish line. Yay Noah!

Drew crossing the finish line. Way to go!


I realized that I never posted pictures from the Bridge the Gap race back in May. It's a fun race to participate in because you get to cross the Mississippi River on one bridge to the Missouri side and the cross back over on the other bridge to the Illinois side. For some reason we always end up with yucky weather on the day of this race, this year was no exception---cold, rainy, and windy. But it didn't stop us!

Here is my brother Matt, nephew Blake, and Drew and Noah before the race. The 4 of them ran a 5k. Great job guys! I walked a 5k and Todd ran a half marathon.

After the race was the kids fun run. My niece Ellie was old enough to run for the first time in it. She was so cute. She has a little swagger when she runs, I just love it.

Ty and Aiden before their fun run race. Aiden cracked me up wanting to wear that sweat band. Trust me, there was no sweat to be had on that chilly day. It did make him look cool though.

I love seeing my family enjoying sports and exercise. I'm the one lagging behind my 4 guys so I intend to get in better shape. Maybe, just maybe, one day I'll run with my 4 guys instead of walking.........................Ok, even I laughed at that. But, who knows?


Mom said...

Great pictures-love seeing all my grandkids intersted in exercise and outdoor things.If only I could keep up with them.......

Kat said...

That is so cool! What little athletes you have! :)

dianna said...

How stinking cute are all of your little runners?!?