Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Mini-Vacay

We decided to head to St Louis this week for an over nighter. It was one of the rare weeks this summer where no one had work or extra curricular activities and we were all ready to get away and relax.

Tuesday we hit the City Museum. We had been wanting to go there for some time and it was worth the wait. The boys had an absolute blast. There were so many cool things to climb in and on, things to explore, slides, magic shows, mini trains, etc

This was the "hamster wheel". All of my boys gave it a try.

The skateless park was one of the boys favorite places. We went back in here 3 times. It's set up like a skate park but you don't wear skates. They just ran, climbed and slid.

We went to a magic show. My boys all LOVE magic so you can only imagine how thrilled Noah and Aiden were to each get a turn assisting.

Noah got to help with the disappearing gerbil trick. He wanted someone in the audience that had gerbils but Drew refused to raise his hand and go up. This was right up my future vet's alley, so Noah ran right up. He DID make the gerbil disappear too....I didn't figure that one out.

At the end, he sat the gerbil on Noah's head.

Aiden had his turn awhile later. He had to pick 3 sugar packets and the magician poured them into his hand. Here he is acting like he is pouring them on Aiden's face, but his palms are now empty.

He makes the sugar reappear and pours it onto Aiden's hand.

One of the many slides. Even Todd took a turn sliding down.

The outdoor ball pit. Can you find all of the boys? :)

Just part of the outdoor climbing area. Yes my boys were up climbing in that plane and through the wire contraptions. It made my feet sweat.

See the long slide on the side of the building? Yep, they slid down that too.

My boys pausing long enough for a quick pic. They were in heaven up there.

When we checked into the hotel, Aiden immediately jumped on this and said this was where he was sleeping. I told him he got to sleep in a real bed with Noah.

We made time for swimming too followed by time in the hot tub. I don't know why it was so foamy but the boys had a blast with it.

Even Todd had to get in on the foam action.

Noah had a faux hawk and a beard.

Drew playing it cool.

The next day we did some more shopping and hit the zoo. Across the street from the zoo is the Turtle Park. The boys wanted their picture taken on the gargantuan turtle.

We had so much fun at the shark and stingray exhibit. These rays are so used to being pet that some of them were like little puppies begging for attention. Noah and I both had our hands in the water and 3 of them came up nudging us to pet them. I have to say I fell in love. Todd is now making fun of me and Noah for wanting a pet manta ray. We can't help it, we are crazy about animals, although normally I go for the furry kind.

Drew could pet the rays and the shark but couldn't bring himself to touch the crab.

We had so much fun in the primate area. These chimps were hilarious. Some hung out up by the glass, some were picking stuff off of each other to eat ( I know, gross), some were relaxing in the shade.

This one just makes me laugh.

Eating, shopping, exploring, swimming,animal was a great getaway. It's amazing how much fun you can pack in 36 hours!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kelly. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time in STL! Thanks for sharing!
Jennifer Sparrow

Aunt Cindy said...

That city museum look wonder the boys had such a great time. I am glad you were able to get away even for a short time...Summers seem to be even more hectic for kids than the school year can be. I enjoyed all your pictures and the post!!!

dianna said...

Oh Kel, that looks liks SO much fun! We'll have to all go together some time : )
Glad you had wonderful getaway!!!

Mom said...

What a lot packed into 2 days! Glad you all had a fun break....and good weather to enjoy it all.

Beth said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time!

The City Museum is so cool...but it stressed me out so bad (I told you why:) Maybe we'll try it again when the kids are older! The aquarium is amazing...if you didn't pay for that, try it next time. It's worth it!

Hoping to get to the zoo sometime soon again too! Loved your primate pictures.

Kat said...

Absolutely priceless. It sounds like that was the perfect getaway. I love trips like those when everything goes right and everyone has a blast. And what a great place!!!! So much fun. :)