Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Birthday Ever

Those were the exact words Drew spoke to us more than once on his birthday. Why was it the best? His new baby cousin Luke was born that day, forever making them birthday buddies. It's kind of neat that they are the oldest and youngest of the cousins. You had to be 15 or older to go up to the hospital room but we decided to give it a try anyway. I couldn't burst his birthday bubble...he wanted to meet his little buddy and I wanted a picture of them together on this special day. Drew was pretty smitten with him.

Isn't he just adorable? I can't wait to have more snuggles with him. He is just too precious. Uncle Todd was happy to get a turn.
I was in absolute heaven (thank you Drew for capturing such a special moment for me) He smelled like sweet baby and had the softest hair. I fell head over heels in love.

We're hoping they get to go home from the hospital today. The two younger boys are so very anxious to meet their newest cousin and the rest of us just want another turn holding him and kissing him. Welcome to the family Luke are the perfect addition to our family. What a ride you are in for! :)


Mom said...

What fun-having my oldest and youngest (at least for now)grandsons share a birthday. Drew-you got your birthday wish!

Kat said...

Oh how sweet! Those pictures are the best! It makes me want to have another baby. HA! Don't tell my hubby. ;)

Aunt Cindy said...

Drew is right....what better gift could anyone receive!! I agree with Drew, best birthday EVER. So happy he got to meet his BIRTHday buddy on the day of his BIRTH special. The pictures are awesome!!!!

Jan said...

Great pictures, Drew certainly does look happy. Can't wait to get some more cuddles in myself.