Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Man's Best Friend......

Is Not Always A Dog

This is why we spent a couple grand to make this cat healthy again. A certain little someone, who is head over heels in love with this cat, would have been crushed. Problem is, Grayson is having issues again. I'm just sick over this. We can't continue to drain our savings account yet we can't speak of the alternative. There is no clear cut answer here. All I know is something has to be done before our house is ruined and before he gets any worse off. Technically Grayson is my cat, it was love at first sight with him. But everyone here knows his heart belongs to Noah and Noah thinks the sun rises and sets on Grayson. First thing when he gets home or wakes up in the morning, guess who he searches for? The vets are kind of stumped as to what his whole problem is. Last urine text showed abnormal cells in it that they had never seen before. What do we do with that??? I feel either decision I make will be the wrong one. It's tearing us up. But we have to do something. To start, it's time to call the vet again and discuss options. He has an ultrasound Friday and then we should have answers, I hope.


Mom said...

My heart breaks for you and making this decision; if only Grayson's illness was black and white-yes he will get better, No he wont ever.....so praying you will meet this challenge, and I can offer no solutions because I am not sure what I would do

Jessi said...

I'm so sorry Kelly. I can sympathize as I have been there. It is an incredibly tough choice. I think you also have to consider his comfort level too. Is he in any pain?

Kat said...

Oh no. :(

A couple thousand? Ouch. That is A LOT OF MONEY. It sounds like you have done what you could. And you certainly don't want to make the cat continue on if he is suffering or in pain. Especially when you don't know what the real problem is. :(

I'm so sorry. It is a really difficult decision to make, complicated by your son's wonderful relationship with the cat.
It just stinks.