Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow Play

Ok, I've been a lazy blogger. In fact, the pictures I'm posting today are from a few weeks ago. My camera battery died and I was too lazy to recharge it and upload pictures. All of this fog, clouds, rain, snow, mist, etc is making for some dreary days and not much to take pictures of. Anyway, I have some great pictures of the boys playing in the snow, taken back when we used to have sunshine. I honestly can't even tell you when we last saw the sun and it looks like it may be days yet before the sun peeks through. Depressing I tell ya. The boys got a snowball and fort making kit from Santa and put it to good use one day. Todd even got the great idea to use a Rubbermaid tote to make big snow bricks so they made two forts and plenty of snowballs. They had a blast.

Noah working so hard to carefully make his arsenal of snowballs.

Jack is looking wistfully outside, wishing he could join in the fun.

Working on fort building.....

Maybe Drew thinks that if you put a circle around your snowballs that no one will touch them?

Aiden's letting Dad do all of the hard work.

I think we've gotten more snow this winter than in many of the past winters. Unfortunately the last big snow the temps were well below zero so we didn't get to enjoy it quite as much as this snow. Look sunshine!!


kristi said...

I want some snow!!

Mom said...

I want some SUN!!!!!!!
but the snow was fun for all the kids

Deb said...

looks like they had a ball...what the heck is a snowball/snowfort kit? Whatever it is...those are the most perfectly round snowballs I've ever seen. We usually have a big snowfort making day and then a snowball fight. But we didn't make it happen this year. Riley and I did do several days of sledding though. I love the winter with lots of snow! But, think I'm ready for Spring now! :)

Cindy said...

Looks like they had a great time I the snow....and Noah has the most perfectly uniform snowballs I've ever seen...they look like styrofoam balls! I'd be happy for a lot more SNOW but with some nice 25+ temps to go with it. Spring will come soon enough. (I'd vote for some sunshine also though)

Kat said...

Ah, yes the dulldromes of January. Blaahhh. I could use some sun too.
Glad the boys got to play in the snow for a bit. :)

Dianna said...

Wish we could have been with you. I still need to post pics of our fun with the faux snow you sent us!