Thursday, February 19, 2009

Preschool Open House

We had Aiden's Open House to sign up for preschool next year. I was happy to see such a great turnout but the one thing happened that I was afraid of happening......we were the oldest parents there. I guess that happens by the time you get around to putting your 3rd child in school. What was really wierd was my 23 year old brother's friend and his wife have their little girl going there. *Insert Twilight Zone music.* Later in the evening there were a couple more parents that came that appeared older. Whew, we aren't the only old geezers. Aiden was excited, he's spent so much time at school with his brothers that it didn't even phase him. He walked in, took his coat off, and started playing with the other kids. I guess next fall it will once again be me in tears as I leave my last baby at school. I guess it's a good thing that my boys have all been so excited for school, it's always been harder for ME to separate than them. Even though Aiden will only be gone 6 hours per week next year, I am already worrying about that empty nest feeling. Sure, I look forward to 6 glorious hours to myself to do whatever I want....or nothing!! But as time continues to fly by, I know in a blink he will be entering kindergarten just as his brothers did and life will never be the same. I will then no long have little guys home with me, I will miss them like crazy, and I will eventually need to go back to working full time. I have loved every age and stage with my 3 and I look forward to the rest of the journey with them but I wish it would stop going by so quickly. I can remember sending Drew and Noah off to preschool like it was was yesterday wasn't it?? I can't help but get a little.....well, okay, a LOT sentimental when we hit these milestones. I think that's why the baby fever has been getting me lately. I know we aren't having anymore, I just miss that baby stage. I can't help but be a little unsure of the future also. I work outside of the home but very part time, what will I do when I go back full time?? I've been an at home mom for so long that I feel like I sometimes don't know how to be anything else. We've hit a rough stage with Drew lately too and if hitting age 10 is like this, I'm scared of the teen years with my boys. It will make me miss the younger years even more. My feelings are just all over the place today so I apologize for jumping from one thing to the next. With having a couple of rough days with Drew and Aiden with behavior issues, I'm back to questioning myself and them and everything in between. But the bottom line is, I love my boys more than anything in the world and while sometimes that means they may break my heart a little at times, I just keep plodding along, trying to do my best, and hope they turn out ok. The damndest thing is, the traits they have that are driving me nuts.....they inherited from me! What do I do about THAT?? :) I'm trying to change but they make it hard some days.


Aunt Cindy said...

It is good to hear Aiden feels ready to take this big step...and since he has a mom that made HER mom park down the BLOCK and drop her off for PRE SCHOOL ...I'm not surprised he is ready to go. I've felt all those things you discribed, but I will tell you when you will REALLY miss those 'younger years'....when they move SO FAR AWAY you only get to look at their face twice a year. So you still have lots of times to enjoy...lots of times and things to worry over, but I'm telling you..take it all in...fill your heart full, because your kids may really one day be GONE. There are some of us that still envy you, even though little Aiden is starting school for real this fall. I remember mine starting pre-school like it was yesterday was yesterday, right?

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What a sweet post! I can relate to absolutely everything you wrote about. I have an almost 10 year old boy and he is definitely giving us a run for our money. Such an attitude. But I LOVE him like crazy, just the same!

p.s. I posted the truffle recipe for you!

Jessi said...

Kelly, you need to take a step back and breathe. Do not question your parenting abilities. I am someone on the outside, and I can honestly say that I think you are a wonderful mom. Your kids are always so sure of how much you love them, and they are so confident and smart. I think it's so wonderful too that you guys encourage such healthy living with them. The fact that both Noah & Drew did the Tri-Jesus is so awesome! I know that there are always tough times, but your boys are turning into great young men & you should be proud!

MOM said...

Yep I remember those preschool days too...dropping Kelly off around the block NOT in front of the school at Qc, Matt clutching me for dear life and screaming, and Nate wearing his clifford shirt and loving it WAS yesterday...right???
and Kelly you are super mom-all you do with them and for is in the those teen years that you will second guess yourself-because nothing is right then (and they think you are stupid)

Aunt Jan said...

Amen, Paulette. By high school you and Todd will be the stupidest people ever. Of course their friends parents will be smart. But by college they will seek your advise again.
You are not going through anything that evry other parent hasn't. Drew is not quite there but by Junior High our kids didn't want to be seen with us. Of course, we were always nearby.
I loved my job as stay at home Mom but it's hard with the kids gone. I worked part-time when the kids went back to school and by the time they were in Junior High I started full time work. It sure helps with college expenses.
Continue to cherish evry second with them, it is gone before you know it. I remember bawling like a baby when my kids got on the bus to start kindergarten. Itwas yesterday......right?