Saturday, September 10, 2011

2 Teeth, 1 Day, 1 Happy Kid

We started September off with a bang. Aiden had a first on the 1st---he also had a second. We're talking teeth here. When Aiden went to the dentist for his kindergarten checkup, the dentist asked if we knew he had 2 loose teeth. Of course we didn't since I don't spend a lot of time with my fingers in my kids' mouths. Right before we left town for Todd's Ironman, they were really loose and I was so afraid he would lose his first one while we were out of town. Thankfully he waited until we got back. The evening of September 1st, Aiden was sitting on the couch with us watching some TV and he was playing with his tooth. Suddenly he shouted "My tooth came out!". We were all so excited so he said he wondered if the other one would come out. Not even 15 minutes later, tooth #2 made it's exit. It must have been time though, because both of his grown up teeth were already visible in his gums.

He was so excited for the tooth family to come that night for the first time. The tooth fairy is a big chicken. She is always scared that she is going to get caught, but thankfully she pulled this one off. Aiden woke me up in the middle of the night saying he had a bad dream. I went to tuck him in and he asked if the tooth fairy came yet and I said I didn't know, but he could look. He said, "I'll just wait till morning". Before I could say anything he jumped up and looked. He was so excited to see 2 crisp one dollar bills lying there that he wanted to run in and show Noah. I did convince him to save that until morning though.

When I asked to get some pictures of him and his missing teeth, he insisted Miss Chloe be in some of them.

She's such a good cat, she just kind of hung out there on his shoulder while we took pictures.
A close up. Look at those pointy things coming in. They freak me out a little bit. He kind of looks like a vampire.

Why does that make them look so much more grown up? Seeing how great he has been doing in kindergarten tells me he has definitely grown up some. He's becoming my big little guy. Love him.


Mom said...

Love the 2 tooth-less pictures-any others lose?

Aunt Cindy said...

Kids get so excited when they start losing their teeth...guess they feel like they are 'growing up', or maybe it is the MILLION DOLLARS the tooth fairy brings. :-)