Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Moments

We had a wonderful 5 day Easter break even though the weather didn't cooperate too much. I didn't get all the pics I wanted due to camera mishaps but managed to still capture quite a bit and "borrowed" some too.

Saturday we dyed our Easter eggs. The boys loved using the clear crayon that came with the kit to draw and write on them before coloring them. We even had an egg that looked like a Poke-ball. Imagine that!

Saturday night was the big Klauser family Easter up in Mendon. Grandpa Ken always puts on a big egg hunt for all of the kids. Funny how he didn't start doing that until he had his first grandkid. :) It's only for kids up to age 10 so Mr. Drew was too old again....he helped take pictures though.

Easter morning we had Noah and Drew in our bed before 7am and the 4 of us were lying there waiting for Aiden to wake up! He finally got up at 7 and the boys rushed out to find there baskets and eggs. We only managed 2 not so good pictures of that. Todd and Drew then dressed and headed off to the Vet's Home to meet the other Scouts to help push all the residents in wheelchairs over for mass. I took the younger 2 to mass a little later in the morning and then we all headed to my parents for brunch. They had an egg hunt in the backyard for the kids but my camera battery was dead by then.

Aiden wanted to pose with the tree.

Going for the holy look.

Our attempt at a family photo. :)

My mom and dad with their 7 grandkids. (borrowed from my SIL Beth) I just love this photo!! So special.

The whole Bozarth clan. Maggie even snuck her hairy butt in there. :)

That evening we headed to Todd's parents for dinner and one last egg hunt.

We had a yummy meal over there and then spent most of the evening playing Dance Central on their Xbox Kinect. So cute and so funny watching the boys learn all of these dance moves. They had a blast though.

Back to the real world today but we enjoyed our relaxing 5 day break together. How blessed we are to have our families near to share it with.


Mom said...

enjoyed the pics Kelly-it was a fun weekend even with the yucky weather. LOVE our group pictures! Cant believe all the kids cooperated-maybe holding back their baskets did work!

Kat said...

Beautiful! That picture at the top of your blog took my breath away. The boys look so grown up! WOW!

I LOVE that the boys went over to push the Vets to mass. That is the coolest ever! So awesome. :)

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful Easter!!!

Love the pics too! :)