Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creek Walkin'

The boys' latest obsession is going wading in the creeks. The last week alone, they have waded twice at the creek along the Bob Mays Park trail and once at the creek at South Park. Tonight at my mom and dad's they begged to go down to their creek. It was something I always loved as a child too and back then we lived about 6 blocks from South Park and my friends and I would ride our bikes down there and hike along the creek. When we head to Colorado on vacation next week, I guarantee the boys (and I!) will be ready to do some wading in the clear, beautiful streams!

Todd took these pictures of the boys this afternoon when they went wading at South Park. One more thing to love about summer!

I love the look of pure joy on Aiden's face, you can almost hear his laughter.
I love the brotherly memories being formed.

They even found some raccoon tracks.

It looks like Noah found a cave but it's just a little hollowed out part in the rock ledge. I love his little face.
Time to sit and take a break.
I love this picture. It may just become my next blog header.

This has nothing to do with creek wading but is just another example of something the boys have enjoyed doing together. For some reason, Aiden and Noah love sleeping together. Since the boys' all switched rooms, they had been a little spooked so sleeping together has helped them both. This is what I saw when I checked on them before bed a couple of nights ago. Hopefully this will be another memory they will look back fondly on someday.


Mom said...

I have never seen so many rib bones on 3 boys-and with the way they all eat!!!!! I hope they realize that the Colorado creek water is a bit colder!

Jeff said...

Love the picture of the 3 feet.

Dianna said...

Your Mom took the words right out of my mouth! I'm not ashamed that I let Noah sneak a few brownies last summer, that's for sure!!!

I used to love wading in the creek at South Park fun!

Deb said...

Kelly...I certainly am behind on looking at blogs...but; I love these pictures of the creek at South Park. Brings back memories for me too. thanks for sharing. :)