Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Father's Day was a busy day this year. We got together with Todd's mom and dad the night before and went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. I didn't even think to bring my camera to the restaurant so I will have to do pictures of Grandpa and the boys later.

My siblings, spouses and I chipped in and got my Dad a tree for their new house. Matt went over that morning and planted it for him. I got a picture of my dad and the boys with it shortly afterwards. Looks good!

Me and my Daddy. :)
These are 4 of my favorite guys! Todd and his boys.

Absolutely LOVE them!

Around noon we headed up to Camp Saukenauk to drop Drew off for Scout camp for a week. I had been dreading this day for months. But seeing the place first hand and seeing Drew's excitement helped make it easier to leave him there.

Drew in front of his tent, all unpacked and ready for fun! He's already survived multiple thunderstorms and tornado warnings. He can't say there wasn't any excitement. He did say that so far it's even better than he thought it would be which is great because he really had it built up in his head.
After dropping Drew off we headed to our family reunion at Resevoir Park where we got to get some more pictures.

Noah with his Godfather/Uncle Matt
Todd and his Goddaughter Ellie.
My and my brother Nate with our Godfather/Uncle Joe
The rest of the day we relaxed. Todd got to take a nap, we make an awesome dinner and relaxed around the house. Now we're looking forward to Thursday. It's Todd's birthday and family night up at camp so we'll get to spend the evening with Drew. YAY!


Aunt Cindy said...

you really do have a lot of really special men, and young men in your life Kelly....Great pictures and post. I for one will be REALLY glad for you to have Drew home under a STURDY roof at weeks end. Enjoy Todd's birthday/family day at Scout camp!

Mom said...

Great pictures-what a good day it was! and you thought the heat was your only worry for the week at scout camp!!!!!

Beth said...

I will be glad when Drew is home too! Such crazy weather lately.

Glad to see you posting more:)

Kat said...

Well that certainly sounds like a good time. And oh my! Drew looks so grown up standing in front of his tent!

Jan said...

Those look like the same tents we had when I went to girl scout camp, only we didn't have a rain tarp. I know he had a great week even with the bad weather.